Lazy Sunday

We calculated this morning that we hadn’t received a pay cheque since October 2010. After traveling around South America, with a brief stop over in Spain, and then returning to South Korea for work, we have been eagerly awaiting our first monthly monies. So this weekend was another cheapy.

With beautiful daylight on the doorstep and a super sized bottom from all the delicious Argentinian empanadas, we decided a brisk walk was in order. Where we live in west Gwang-ju, South Korea, there is a large lake nearby with geese, ducks and many decked-out oldies strutting their stuff on the walkway. In joining them we decided that we could inject a little extra exercise (squats and lunges) while infusing some environmental awareness into those around us. We started picking up rubbish.

What was wonderful about this is not just that we cleaned 50 liters of rubbish (a modest  start), but that people stopped to see what we were doing. Older Korean men actually put their cigarette butts into the bag and not on the streets or into the storm water drains, which is the norm in this country. Encouraging people to think about their rubbish and what they do with it, is a phenomenal way to spend an afternoon.

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