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Seldom am I so excited by feminine products. Actually, ‘feminine products’ evoke memories of a prudish Pleasantville of the 1950’s, and fills my nostrils with the memory of my grandmother. Thankfully our monthly options have changed, even if our language hasn’t.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across these at the local Korean pharmacy ( 약국: yak gook), and then again in HomePlus. Although from the languages on the pack I suspect they are an international brand. Even in far-flung places you can find safe, organic and environmental sound products. Natracare tampons are made from organic cotton which are free of dioxin and pesticides. They come with cardboard applicator or in the more intimate do-it-yourself style; with paper and cardboard packaging. Here’s the kicker, they come in Super, which I haven’t found available in any other brand in Asia.  I know how many ladies get their friends back home to send them over. Hurrah! No longer shall I tightly cross my legs for fear of having over-stayed at the dinner table or in the movie theatre.

I got mine in a  for ₩11,600 for 20 super no-applicator. They offer pads and liners too, and although they are slightly more expensive I feel they are well worth the investment in my body and peace of mind.

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3 Responses to Feminine Products

  1. Amanda Strong says:

    Okay, I’m actually not a personal fan of these, but thought I’d share anyway: http://www.mooncup.co.uk/

    Worth a look, if only for the vagina song.

    • How wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I am a fan of the Diva cup which appears to be the same product but sold in the US. I used my Diva cup (a gift from a girl friend) for 6 months, but was unable to get another sent to me here in Korea so I opted for the organic tampons. The cup takes a bit of getting used to and was a little difficult to use while traveling, but I love the concept and ease of use while in a lifestyle of routine.

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