The Underground Grocers – Gwangju

Great News! I found a wonderful foreign grocery store in Gwang-ju. It’s called the Underground Grocers and although it is more expensive than a large supermarket, it offers many items not found in regular stores around Korea.

UPDATE: 21st May, 2013 Unfortunately, after 5 1/2 years of comfort food the Underground Grocers have closed their doors. However, you can find other options for foreign food shopping in Gwangju  here.


Below is my Hoard… Indian spices and paste

Divine curry powders and mock meat. You can buy the beans (numerous) at most large supermarkets, including the Chili Beans which make a great instant meal with some salad and tortilla wraps.

Lentils for Dahl.

Below is the layout of the store. Small is size but fairly well stocked. The shop assistant is a lovely woman who studies English at the university and is only happy to help or chat. We got talking about the GIC Library and Gwang-ju News paper they had on display for free.

Directions: The Underground Grocers is across from ZARA (the women’s clothing store) and ABC Mart. It’s down the alleyway shared by Lloyd’s and Lacoste, pictured below.

Walk right down the end and you will see a sign which features the logo and looks a bit like the English Metro.

They are right next door to the first alleyway which is a western restaurant serving popular western sunday brunch.

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3 Responses to The Underground Grocers – Gwangju

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  2. Leroy Hart says:

    I am an American living in Mokpo, can you help me find your shop? Or tell me if I can order online and do you have a phone number?

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi Leroy,
      After a bit of investigating I have found out that the Underground Grocers have closed. I wrote about this store awhile ago, when I was living in Gwangju. I now live in Busan so wasn’t aware that they closed last year. Sorry to disappoint. However, you can find other options for foreign food shopping in Gwangju here.

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