Gwang-ju International Centre (GIC) Library

If you’re sick of the only English books on offer at books stores those with the words Harry or Twilight in them, then wet your appetite for the 4000+ English books on offer at the Gwangju International Centre (GIC) Library.

The shelves are stocked with books on literature, Non-fiction, science, languages, photography, romance, teaching (of course), the arts, journalism, history.. have I missed anything? Oh and Korean culture.  The selection is outstanding for any library. 

All the books are donated by ex-pats. They are available for free to GIC members. the process of become a GIC member is as elaborate as recording your details and parting with 20,000 won – for a year of book reading bliss. The price of any one such read is surely more than the cost of joining.

You’ve three weeks to show off your booty to your friends and are politely asked to record your takings and returning in the spiral folder on the centre table. The honesty and good nature of this successful experiment shows respect for the scarcity of a good book and tribute to our love of knowledge.

 Address : Gwangju International Center (509 Jeon-il Building F5, Geumnam-no, Dong-gu, Gwangju)
 Tel : 062) 226-2732~4    Fax : 062) 226-2731
 [Gwangju Culture Complex(W)] -> [Jeonnam Girls’ High School(E)]
– Cheomdan09, Geumho36, Jiwon45, Jiwon51, Geumnam56, Pungam61, Cheomdan95, Songjeong98, Jiwon151, Jiwon152, 518 [Gwangju Culture Complex(E)] -> [Donggu old people’s welfare center]
– Geumnam55, Geumnam58, Songam74, Munheung80, 1187 [Gwangju Culture Complex] -> [Geumnam-no 4-ga station]
– Jinwol07, Cheomdan09, Geumho36, Jiwon45, Jiwon51, Jiwon52, Geumnam56, Geumnam57,Geumnam59, Pungam61, Cheomdan95, Songjeong98, Jiwon150, Jiwon151, Jiwon152, 518 [Gwangju Culture Complex] -> [Geumnam-no 4-ga station]
– Geumnam55, Songam74, 1187

 [Gwangju Culture Complex] -> [Donggu old people’s welfare center]
– Geumnam58, Munheung80

 Get off at Gwangju Culture Complex → Exit 1 → 만남의광장(Fountain) → 1~2 minutes on foot → Jeonil Building(5F) Gwangju International Center

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