Metal Screw found in Pet Dog After Being Cooked for Food


At a restaurant in Daejon, South Korea customers were amazed to find 4 metal screws and a metal plate attached to a bone inside their soup. The customers had ordered a bowl of “bosingtang” which is made from dog meat.

The metalized meat came from a dog who was once owned as a pet. Apparently this pet underwent a veterinarian operation in which its leg was reinforced by four screws and a metal plate. Sometime after the operation this pet dog ended up in a dog slaughterhouse where the metal pieces went unrecognized by the butcher and chef.

The customers complained and asked for their money back before filing complaints with the City Office.

It is not clear if the pet was sold by its owner or if the dog meat industry acquired it through a third party. In the past, there have been numerous complaints of lost, abandoned, and stray dogs beings sold to the dog meat industry.

Animal rights groups state this is just one more reason the dog meat industry should be permanently banned.

Original story from CARE website and Korean Link here

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8 Responses to Metal Screw found in Pet Dog After Being Cooked for Food

  1. eileen sokolowski says:

    So evil. I imagine the dog was stolen by restaurant owners. Those people in this country are so vicious and evil.

  2. shirley robinson says:

    this needs to be stopped .. it is horrible that this is done.

  3. christine warman says:

    Shame they did not choke on the screws,no doubt another pet stolen and tortured for those sick people.

  4. Ellyn Mattison says:

    Please stop the torture of these dogs!

  5. Janine Bone says:

    Sick. It needs to stop

  6. Angela Khoo says:

    Dogs are FAMILY , not a dish or a boel of soup !!!

  7. Maria says:

    What about the cats. Don’t their lives matter you evil doglovers?

  8. Trish robinson says:

    It’s too bad these people didn’t choke on these screws”!! Dog was most likely stolen. Someone wouldn’t have spent that much money on surgery for the dog and then just given him up. Monsters….all of them. The ones who steal them, torture them, kill them, cook them and the disgusting people who eat them!!

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