Happy Vegan Birthday!

Past birthdays have seen me spoilt with parties and dinners. So this year I celebrated with friends over a low-key dinner of (Indian) vegetable curry, sweet lemon cake served with vegan raspberry ice-cream and a few bottles of wine. Delish.

Vegan India curry (tofu, potatoes, chard, kale, capsicum, cauliflower)

And for desert. . .

The vegan ‘ice-cream’ is simply blended frozen raspberries and banana’s. I swear. It has the consistency of ice-cream and the sweet sweet taste but it’s all natural.  To this base you can add flaxseed and apple juice/orange juice/soy milk for a delicious smooth.

This was my birthday cake. Coconut-lemon cake, with plain icing and shredded coconut on top.

Spoilt I was to receive this gift from my girlfriend in America. What  a treat, spices, quinoa and good reads.


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