Things I Like Thursday – Pets

They are adorable, cute and usually up for a cuddle..but they can drive you crazy too. Pets.

A few years ago, my friend (irresponsibly) took on a dog and was about to leave the country to pursue life as a tramp. He asked me to take care of Mungmi, an adorable street dog who wanted nothing more than some shelter and a hug.

Earlier this year Mungmi was diagnosed with a form of cancer on her eyelid. Apparently it is common in Shitzu’s and is completely treatable with a few operations and tender care. She has fully recovered and even though we had a scare recently, remains cancer free.

This is Hunter. I found Hunter last Winter hiding under a SUV after the snow. It was bitterly cold and he could not have been more than 3 weeks old. I lived and work in this neighbourhood and knew of feral cats living on the rooftop of an adjacent building. I took him in after careful consideration of the benefit to him and loss to his mother (who had another 6 kittens) and the long-term commitment required when having a pet.

A beautiful Kitten….

…and troublesome cat.

Hunter (the cat) and Mungmi (the dog and long-standing matriarch of the house) got along splendidly until the new addition arrived… lazily named Kitty-boo.

Kitty-Boo is the latest edition to our every growing farm. Thankfully our home is large by Korean standards and provides enough space for the chaos which is kitty-playing.

We floated a lot of ideas for her name, but by the time we’d thought of something more unique and dare I say clever, the temporary name of Kitty-Boo had resonated with her and became her identity.


Unlike hunter, she is completely domesticated (ignore the photo). As a 4 week old kitten she came out of the bushes to me while Mungmi and I were hiking. She is calm, curious and affectionate. I suspect she wasn’t born wild at all, but was a disgarded kitten from a family who didn’t want her.  Which is all the better for us as we love her.

P.S Please do not think I am in the habit of stealing kittens. I have already been told off by my boyfriend and I am reminded that our home is ‘full’ every time I leave the house.

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3 Responses to Things I Like Thursday – Pets

  1. salome says:

    KItty boo is so big! I need to come around and see her!

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks-a-mundo for the article.Much thanks again. Great.

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