Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – “Butter”

Better than Butter – Yes it is!

You can pick up cholesterol-free, trans fatty acid-free and animal-free {yup, it’s vegan} olive oil butter from E-mart in Jungdong, Busan. It would not be crazy to assume they sell vegan butter in E-marts at other locations as well.

It’s a bit more expensive than regular butter at ~7,000won but tastes close to the real thing. It melts like butter making it perfect for baking or on homemade bread with peanut butter or marmite. One tub lasts the two of us 3 weeks of daily use.

The company are Australian and the product carries the heart foundations red-tick of approval. You can find it in the chilled dairy section of the supermarket. Out exit 10 of Jung-dong subway (202) in the basement of E-mart in the left aisle.

Nov 20th 2012 Update: I recently found Better than Butter in Shinsegae Centum City (subway stop 206), in the butter section of the fridge/ freezer.

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