Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – Soy Milk

Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – Soy Milk

There are a range of soy milks in South Korea and fortunately they’re not hard to find. Most convenience stores and corner shops will carry at least one variety, but if you’re looking for the best here are my recommendations.

Soymilk from Maeil comes in a liter package at 650 kcal. It’s low in sugar, keeps for years and does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, making it perfect for the eminent zombie attack. It’s a little thick and creamy as I’ve come to expect from most nut and bean milks. I use it for mousse cakes, creamy sauces or in a hot chocolate. But I’ve recently discovered it’s not vegan!

You can find Maeil soymilk in most supermarkets (Emart, Homeplus) and privately owned mini markets for 1,500 ~ 2,500 won.

UPDATE: Maeil contains small amounts of D3 (extracted from sheeps wool-lanolin)  Boo!

But my favourite is the soymilk from Pulmone.

There’s no added sugar, it’s comparatively low in calories and it pours, tastes and bakes like cow’s milk. It’s the best substitute for cow’s milk that I’ve ever come across. Even my vegetarian friends can’t tell the difference. It will keep for a week in the refrigerator. I simply love this milk; My only qualm is the with plastic packaging.

You can find Pulmone’s soymilk in supermarkets large and small. But I have yet to see any in a convenience store (7-11, Family Mart) or in a mom and pop owned mart.  It costs between 1,500- 2,700 won.

The reason I share this information with you is that sometimes sneaky brands will actually put cows milk into the soy milk products. This goes for ‘soy yogurt’ and other soy products too. They advertise that the product contains soy, not that it is pure soy without traces of cows milk.

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6 Responses to Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – Soy Milk

  1. alua says:

    I hate it when they sneak in milk or milk derivatives into soy milk!

    I am surprised though that Pulmone tastes like cow’s milk… does it have any additives? How can they get it to taste like that others? (I make my own soy milk and I don’t see how it would not taste ‘soybeany’ unless you process it further in some way.) That said, I’m actually in the prefer-the-beany-tasting-soymilk camp!

  2. Elaine says:

    We buy the Pulmone one, because we drink a lot every week with cereal and my fiance doesn’t like the Maeil one (and the Yonsei one is pricey) but it’s not strictly vegan as it has D3 in the ingredients list, usually from sheep’s wool.

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Thanks for that info Elaine,
      I didn’t know about the D3. I guess I’ll stick with my silk technology Pulmone.

      • Elaine says:

        Yeah, it’s a pain. :( I’d prefer not to have the D3 one, but most soy milks in Korea seem to have it. I’ve also seen soy milk with ooh-yoo (cow’s milk) in it, which is even more annoying!

  3. Blue says:

    Thank you for that awesome information ——–
    I am just wodering: is the Pulmone soy milk oranic?
    Are there in general organic things in Busan?
    (I’m going to stay there for a year and right now I am a vegan and usually buy organic things)
    —someone korean told me, that “bio” doesn’t mean anything in Korea, just expensive but not automatically good quality………so, is the concept of “organic” very exotic?
    Thanks a lot~~~~~~~~

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi there Blue,
      Pulmone soy milk isn’t organic. There are organic milks available in Busan, although I don’t know of any non-dairy milks which are. Mind you, I haven’t looked either. There are usually large sections in supermarkets with organic only produce and other imported organic products. They are, of course, more expensive. You can read about organic labeling here. I will look into searching for an organic soy milk and let you know.
      Thanks for reading.

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