Things I Like Thursday – Announcements

Things I Like Thursday – Announcements

Some announcements make your blood freeze and your muscles tense (remember being called to the stage at school assemblies?); there are those that make you furious (sitting aboard a delayed flight on the runway), while others are easily ignored and have little impact on your life “staff announcement, calling Teresa aisle 9”. But the announcements I like are the kind that increase your heart beat and flush your cheeks, are both exciting and terrifying.

So today I make an announcement. I am engaged to be wed. It sounds so fantastical and medieval. I had never given marriage much thought, honestly. I tended to think of marriage as archaic and irrelevant. Even so, when my beloved was on bended knee offering me jewels, I instantly reverted into a stereotypical Disney character and giggled through my eyelashes as I said yes.  A much liked announcement.

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10 Responses to Things I Like Thursday – Announcements

  1. ruth watson says:


  2. jens says:

    i think the whole ‘i’m not the marrying type’ is just code for ‘i haven’t found the person i want to spend the rest of my life with.’ i am so happy for you and the dave – and yours is the kind of partnership that makes us all believe in our inner disney characters. much, much love to you both!

  3. greg says:

    Hey! Well done you… I have to say I was a sceptic till I met Kristine too, now I couldn’t imagine not being!

    Go Frankie

  4. ryan says:

    Can’t wait to come and celebrate “you guys” with you guys :) xo

  5. T says:

    Lol I love it babe! Nope – way back when u really were the ‘marriage – pfft’ type!! We always knew u had it in you though! Dave – your a lucky man!! Much much love beautiful xxo

  6. Frankie, congratulations! You are a wonderful and inspirational woman who finds true beauty in all things. I admire that about you, that and many more… such as this GORGEOUS ring! It is fantastic that you have found such a wonderful man to share you life with. Many many congratulations lady.

  7. Erin Campeau says:

    Little Miss Frances,

    I am so happy for both you and Dave – for all your adventures ahead and all the happiness that is in your present and future. You are both such wonderfully beautiful people, and I know that great things are ahead. You look pretty with a ring on that there finger, girlfriend. So much love to you both. You’re rock stars! xoxoxoxox

  8. Jil says:

    Congrats! You two are fantastic together!

  9. alua says:

    This is way belated because I was busy this month and ignoring the internet, but as one of your regular readers I still wanted to say congrats!

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