Planting Herbs in Spring

Planting Herbs in Spring

According to the back of my seed packet, May and June are the best time of year to plant seeds for Summer herbs. Here’s how I’m growing them in a little apartment.

The problem is, that I live in an apartment with limited roof access. So, indoor herb garden it is. I do have a beautiful floor to ceiling window in the study, but the ‘study’ belongs to the cats, and experience has taught me that anything living or edible in my apartment, will come face to face with two sets of claws and fangs, and probably peril.

The solution is this nifty wooden box with glass panes and an elevated rooftop. In this I’ve planted the seeds of a few of my favourite herbs. The traditional ones; chives, basil, sage, parsley and rosemary. Even though my seeds are a year old, fingers crossed they’ll sprout into organic green deliciousness.  As you can see, they ought to be safe from the curious monsters.

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4 Responses to Planting Herbs in Spring

  1. Meg says:

    LOVE that little box! Where did you get it? It would serve as a perfect greenhouse for sprouting!!

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hey Meg, The box was such a find.
      My favourite part is the cute latch and hinges. It’s very Marta Stewart.
      I got it from the basement home and decor area of the old 2001 outlet in Jangsan. I believe it’s exit 4 subway 201.

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