Much Ado About Picnics

Much Ado About Picnics

This weekend we were spoiled with beautiful weather and Shakespeare in the park. A perfect formula for some picnic action. In fact, across the two days I attended three picnics! As you can imagine, this called for a lot of cooking.

Sharing delicious vegan food is a great way to show people that vegans eat more than just lettuce, and that by choosing to not participate in exploiting animals (and the environment) vegans do not miss out on the pleasures of life – even cheese! Besides, the food is great at a picnic but really it’s about the people you share it with.

Favourtie {Vegan} Picnic Food

I prepared an array of dishes which would keep well in the sun and travel easily. And considering the nature of a picnic, finger food sounded good. Enter samosas, the self-contained packets of joy. Spicy alone or decadent with some dipping sauce. Mine where baked not fried to reduce the fat content.

I thought that my orange-chocolate muffins  were indulgently fitting. I  cut them into quarters so everyone would have the opportunity to taste them, but still have  room for other yummy food as the silicon cups I used were MASSIVE.

The broccoli and spinach penne was an experiment and I am so happy to report it a success! The texture and taste was that of a cheesy cream sauce but as it did not contain any cows milk, it did not curdle or turn foul in the heat. I cooked whole-wheat fusilli for 15 mins, as per the directions, while I began wiping up the creamy cheese sauce. When the pasta was done I tossed it in a wok with steamed broccoli, some firm tofu and washed spinach until the spinach had wilted and  cooked through (a few minutes). It was good hot and even better cold.

Other perfect picnic foods are sliced vegetables, hummus, olives, quinoa salad, breads and chopped fruit. Bonus: It’s watermelon season!


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2 Responses to Much Ado About Picnics

  1. ruth watson says:

    love the food pictures, my mouth is watering. Can’t wait to get home and cook ;)

  2. alua says:

    You got me hungry for those samosas now. Some shop nearby better be open tomorrow (Jubilee!) as I have got nothing in the house to make them…

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