Disturbing Suicide Food

Disturbing Suicide Food

I recently discovered this term, having noticed the illogical trend a long time ago. Suicide food is the sickening practice of advertising animal meat by displaying pictures of animals self mutilating, eager to be eaten or wide-eyed at the opportunity for cannibalism. KARA also cover the phenomenon of animals being slaughtered.

Check out these examples of animals which can’t wait to be eaten by people. If you have your own examples, add a link or send through a pic.

This restaurant displays what it sells – octopus. But upon closer inspection you notice something strange about the restaurant icon. It’s an octopus excited to be eaten; smiling at the prospect of being your dinner or is he keen to kill and cook other octopus for you to eat?

And from around the world.

So what do you think.

Love it or hate it? Is it illogical or simply disturbing?


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5 Responses to Disturbing Suicide Food

  1. ruth watson says:

    We were always amused (using that term very loosely) by this when we saw it in Korea.
    As a vegetarian it grossed me out but as a meat eater I can imagine that it probably wouldn’t have much effect.

  2. Deva says:

    I have only ever seen Suicide Food in Korea (I am from South Africa), but the site you refer to suggests it’s an American trend too. I am curious about the other countries where it’s a trend – any readers have experience of this?

  3. Hunter says:

    I’ve seen it throughout Korea, even pictures of cows boiling themselves happily in a pot. I haven’t come across any in the UK though, I think it must be an Asian thing.

  4. Aria says:

    Over here in Australia, I’ve noticed several adverts and signage with similarly disturbing connotations. One is Chicken Treat, a fast food chain, which advertises Jumbo Chicken Dinner Boxes in a very cannibalistic way on TV. Several roosters and hens bring in the chicken on a parade float and the chicken is waving to the onlookers (!!!) Another is Hog’s Breath Cafe, where the wild boar dances and whirls while bringing in steaming hot plates of barbequed pork.

    I’ve always felt that this type of advertising is sick and twisted.

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