Ooh it’s a new logo

Keeping to the theme this Vegan MOFO of ‘New Beginnings’ I’m launching a new Vegan Urbanite logo. 

I’m really pumped for this as it’s been in the making for a while and I’m interested to hear your opinions. Do you love or loath the colors? Are you keen on the pic or should it be tweaked? If you’ve strong feelings either way, speak now or forever hold your tongue. 


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9 Responses to Ooh it’s a new logo

  1. ruth says:

    It’s perfect.
    Are you going to expand your blogging?
    work on anything else when you get to NZ vegan related?

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Absolutely! I’m getting pumped for some exciting changes in NZ. I’ll be living in a city but it’ll be smaller and easier to get around (and communicate) so I hope to focus more on indepth and research based articles. Should be exciting!

  2. Jessica says:

    It’s so cute, Frankie! Love the colours, pictures, and font! It took me a minute to figure out what the letters read though. I thought it said “YOU” then I thought it said “VOU” but then I realized it was “V-Heart-U.” Maybe rearranging the two letters so they’re side by side (V U <3) or sticking the three items closer together (V<3U)? Or a layout like this (VU <3) would fix that? Or am I the only one who couldn't figure it out? :D

    If you leave it though, I think it looks great. Maybe I'm just slow in the mornings :P

  3. Marvin says:

    Cool. It has a funky informal quality which is personal and friendly. The colours reinforce that feeling. If you were seeking to make readers feel comfortable and welcome.

  4. Amey says:

    it looks really cool! did you draw it yourself?

  5. The logo is supercool! I like the color combination and the design is light and fun and sophisticated. Great job! :)

  6. Kylie - FotV says:

    I think it’s adorable!

  7. ruth says:

    Are you going to continue blogging?

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi Ruth
      Ekk I know! I’ve been terrible. We’ve moved to NZ and my life’s been switched upside-down. New job, new home, new city and now I’m studying too. I’m still involved in the animal rights movement and I’m keeping up with C.A.R.E and K.A.R.A in South Korea. I’ve been thinking HEAPS about how to hit this from a new angle, so many ideas and so little movement. I hope you’re well and bringing people together with compassionate food. I will most certainly flick you an update when I get the ball rolling again.
      Thanks for the nudge.

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