About me

I’ve been vegan since 2008, a transition from vegetarianism which was brought about by wanting to stay healthy while traveling. I have been living mainly in South Korea since. It is my second home.

New Zealand is my home, and it’s beautiful.

But I haven’t lived there in a long time …. The world is just so big. And I love to travel.

The Salar de Uyuni

I love nature in all it’s forms, complexity and spellbindingness.

Puma in La Paz, Bolivia

From the great predators I fear, to the cheeky relationships nature creates for survival.

The Amazon: Fresh food put out for the monkeys has become a trap set by the caimen.

I love to garden and watch things grow. Although my garden isn’t this good.

I like to think that my glass jars of herbs are developing nicely.

An Eco-Yoga village I worked at in Argentina

I enjoy a drop of wine … or two.

I adore art. I pretend that I know art. But I really just adore it.

Picassco’s Guernica in Madrid, Spain

What I do know is science. The world is such an amazing and fascinating place as it is. Without all the faux cream and GE-strawberries. I want my nature plain, and unflavored.

La Llareta is a shrub living in the Atacama desert of Chile. The green colour comes from the thousands of tiny leaves tightly packed in. Amazingly, some La Llareta have been found to be 3,000 years old. As for this one, I hesitate to guess. 


And of course, as my decision to become a vegan stemmed from ethical and moral objections, I am passionate about animal rights.

Factory farms I witnessed and smelt first hand. Where thousands of birds spent their lives in cages barbed from all sides.

And once you begin to investigate the treatments of animals, which leads into the origin of your food, you soon become hooked on nutrition.

So inevitably you read a lot. And I love reading. Thanks goodness I found a  library here, otherwise my paycheck would go toward funding my habit.

Yet there’s always time for music.

Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2010- with Belle and Sebastian, Massive Attack and Vampire Weekend.

Oh and how could I forget my Dog Mungmi. A complete sweetheart….

…and cats Hunter and Kitty-Boo

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  1. alisonamazed says:

    Thanks for following my blog! Looks an amazing life you’re living! Have you visited all those places? I’m not yet vegan, but like you, suspect it will come. I was cutting down on eggs, till I found a great veggie box supplier who also has organic eggs at a good price. I have started using substitutions in baking, so that’s one step forward. I’ve also started replacing eggs with tofu in my scrambles – where I used to use 2 eggs, I now only use one and mix it with tofu. Cheese is less and less present in my diet, so I’m on my way.

  2. Zheng Yong says:

    Hi Vegan urbanite,

    Please read this website and tell your relatives, friends, acquaintances in New Zealand about it.


    Thank You.

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi Zheng Yong,
      I’ve read about this and frequently discuss it with my friends and family back home. I sometimes wish I was in NZ so that I could take more action. Thanks for the info, let’s hope we can do something about it.

  3. Zheng Yong says:

    Hi Vegan Urbanite,

    I am relieved that you read this. New Zealand must repeal this bill. We MUST do something about it. All the best to you.

    Thank You.

  4. Kim says:

    Hi there,
    I’m so thrilled to find a few vegans living in Korean. I am visiting Korea next week and my hometown is right next to Busan. Thank you for sharing your experience in Korea as a vegan. :)

  5. Thanks vegan urbanite for keeping us on our toes! motivated! to do more for our fellow earthlings. An aspiring vegan indeed… I will only buy milk from my friend who milks her own cow and lets the calf be with her round the clock -‘ calf friendly’ ! Pity the economics of our system doesnt allow for kindness in any form. But I really ought to phase dairy out…. completely. Its just for the capaccino – will work on black eventually…
    This weekend to ‘liberate’ some hens from the auschwitz laying farm up the road, can only take about 5 but , thats better than 0. They will earn their keep if they should choose to lay… .but otherwise enjoy doing what chickens should do -range freely!
    Btw it would be nice to know your name!
    Keep posting
    thanks Bridget – afellownatureanimalplanetbikelover

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Oh Bridget you are inspiring! Making small changes will make it easier to live the compassionate lifestyle you desire.
      As for the coffee, why not try soy milk, or almond milk? Dairy-free milk has come a long way since I started drinking it. There are so many options with a variety of textures and tastes. I love almond milk or black bean milk in my coffees as it’s thick and creamy with a sweet aftertaste.
      Funny – I never noticed that my name wasn’t posted.
      Best, Frances ‘Frankie Herrington

  6. Grant in Gimhae says:

    I saw that one of your recipes calls for vegan soy sauce. I’m new in Korea and still illiterate, so I’m still making some ignorant product choices. Would you post or send some pictures of some of vegan brands in Korea?

    I’ve really enjoyed your recipes, especially the Pumpkin Pie Brownie. To make it lower in carbs, I substituted sucralose for the sugar.

    Thanks for blogging!
    Your fan,
    Grant in Gimhae

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi there Grant,
      I’ve been in Beijing so a little slack in replying to messages, sorry to keep you waiting. As for the vegan soy sauce, there are many available. I’ve been told by Korean friends that most soy sauce is vegan (without fish sauce) but this is the one I use, side view and back.

  7. Hyunyoung Kim says:

    Hi Vegan Urbanite,

    I was a vegan when my father was alive as he was vegan and motivated me to be a vegan, but I came back to junk fooder since he passed away last year.
    I have been wwoofing in Korea and have realized how much it is important to have an organic food and reminded of vegan life as I don’t forget how much I was peaceful when I was a vegan. I was wwoofing in Montreal, Canada for 2 months, last July and Aug and chose wwoof host who was living on sustainable living and vegan diet so that I can get used to it for 2 months. They were raw fooder and I enjoyed raw food for 2 months and determined to be raw fooder. I have been so happy to be a raw fooder.
    I wish I had a companion so that I don’t give up my vegan diet. Do you happen to have any gathering? if then, pls let me know.~~ Thank you so much for the posting.

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi there Hyunyoun Kim,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m sorry to hear of your fathers passing, but it sounds like he shared his healthy outlook and compassion for life with you. When I met my partner he was an animal eater. It was difficult at first for obvious reasons. But he soon became (mainly) vegan because we share the same ethical values. I’m sure you too will find people with your values. In Busan there is a facebook group which sometimes meet. There’s also a Seoul Potluck group who meet regularly, you’ll find there page here. Good Luck connecting with other happy vegans.


  8. Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering if in Korean you have seen any Vegan Korean Temple Cuisine cookbooks that are translated into English? I have some vegan recipes from Korean cookbooks, but none that are a book full of vegan recipies of temple style food!

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