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How to order from i-Herb

For those {really} hard to find items I love cooking, but am sick of substituting ingredients because of unavailability. Even while enjoying my meal I can’t help but wonder what it ‘should have’ tasted like. So can you imagine my … Continue reading

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The Outcomes – 2011 Gwangju UEA Summit

Mayors and city officials from 80 cities met in Gwangju’s Kim Dae Jung Convention Center last month. Amongst lavish lunches and trash bins full of small empty single-use plastic water bottles, they came together to pledge to steer their cities … Continue reading

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2011 October Gwangju Summit of the Urban Environmental Accords

Jamie Lerner, Urban planner and former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil believes that, “Cities are not the problem, they are the solution.”   This article I wrote for the Gwangju News October Issue 2011  Gwangju Metropolitan City and the United Nations … Continue reading

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Interview with Professor Kwi-Gon Kim about 2011 UEA Gwangju Summit of the environmental accords.

“The ultimate goal of the Gwangju Summit, is to create a low carbon green city, based on two important tools; one is the Urban Environmental Evaluation Index and the other is urban Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM).” Professor Kim I spoke … Continue reading

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A Goldilocks Breakfast

Not a fan of a kimchi and rice breakfast, I prefer a Goldilocks breakfast of porridge, sliced banana’s and apricots covered with shredded coconut and soymilk. All very well, when you can get the ingredients. So where can you get Quakers … Continue reading

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Urban Environmental Accords hopes to curb GHG emissions from Urban Environments

They are the most significant modern phenomena facing the population today; Urbanization and our changing climate, and they are comprehensively linked. Urban environments generate creative thinking, suspect art, innovation, nifty technologiesand social change. Even with such contributions, urbanites are criticized … Continue reading

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Hiking Mt. Mudeung

Hak-dong Jeungshim Temple decorated especially for Buddhas Birthday. It has been another weekend of high spirits and low funds. So with a list of ‘must-do’s’ that we had constructed during our first broke weekend in Gwangju, we decided to cross-off a big one, … Continue reading

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Gwang-ju International Centre (GIC) Library

If you’re sick of the only English books on offer at books stores those with the words Harry or Twilight in them, then wet your appetite for the 4000+ English books on offer at the Gwangju International Centre (GIC) Library. The shelves are stocked with books … Continue reading

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Urban Environmental Accords (UEA) Gwangju Summit

Gwangju will radiate in the international spot-light this October as it co-hosts the Urban Environmental Accords (UEA) Gwangju Summit 2011 with sister city San Francisco. The Summit will feature four international conferences, dialogue focused on policies that address urban environmental issues plus exhibitions … Continue reading

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The Underground Grocers – Gwangju

Great News! I found a wonderful foreign grocery store in Gwang-ju. It’s called the Underground Grocers and although it is more expensive than a large supermarket, it offers many items not found in regular stores around Korea. UPDATE: 21st May, … Continue reading

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