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What you need in your body and how to get it

Juice Fast Day 3

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Juice Fast Day 3 My skin is radiant. I’m positive that the unflattering dark circles under my eyes have decreased by at least half, and that’s after only 2 days of juice! My skin feels softer and my skin tone … Continue reading

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Juice Fast Day 2

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Juice Fast Day 2 I’m actually feeling pretty good. No dizziness, no exhaustion and no body odor – that I’m aware of. I slept well last night. For a mere 7 hours, whereas I would normally sleep for at least … Continue reading

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Juice Fast Day 1

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Juice Fast Day 1 Friends have lost a lot of weight by juice-fasting, but that wasn’t my only motivation to spend the week sipping from a bottle. I’ve read and seen a lot of studies and first-hand experiences of the … Continue reading

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Organic labeling in South Korea

Organic Labeling in South Korea If you’ve wondered how to identify organic goods from the grocery, check for the little coloured apple in the corner. Korea’s organic food is regulated by the National Agriculture Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) as well … Continue reading

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All about Oil

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An incredible resource on oil characteristics, fat content, smoke points and best use. This information was not prepared by myself but by missvickie. A plethora of information. Enjoy.  Oils to avoid for better health While all oils are pure fat, not … Continue reading

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Things I Like Thursday – Farmers Markets

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Things I love (and am thankful for) Thursday Farmers markets around the world differ in range, aesthetics and personality. Whenever I travel to a different country I make an effort to check out the local offerings and interact with locals. … Continue reading

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The Skinny on the Glycemic Index [GI]

The Glycemic Index (more popularly titled GI) is a categorizing system in which numbers are assigned to foods allowing you to more easily choose foods that curb appetite, help shed excess pounds, lower your risk for diabetes, help maintain blood sugar … Continue reading

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A Goldilocks Breakfast

Not a fan of a kimchi and rice breakfast, I prefer a Goldilocks breakfast of porridge, sliced banana’s and apricots covered with shredded coconut and soymilk. All very well, when you can get the ingredients. So where can you get Quakers … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Soy

Confused about Soy? You’re Not Alone. This is a wonderful article I read by Becky Hand, licensed & registered dietitian from the Sparkpeople website.                                                                                                                                Tofu Scramble  Soy is everywhere and in every possible form—beans, nuts, milk, yogurt, cheese, flour, tofu, … Continue reading

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10 Must-Have Items For a Vegan Kitchen

Whether you’re starting out as a Vegan or need a jolt of inspiration in the cooking arena, my MUST-HAVE 10 will set you up for some delicious cooking and aid in the conversion of old favourites. 1. Egg replacer. Brilliant for pancakes, muffins, cakes, … Continue reading

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