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What’s Your Nitrogen Footprint?

By now we are all aware of GHGs and carbon emissions, you may even be familiar with the Kyoto protocol and carbon trading, but have you given a thought to your nitrogen footprint? ‘If carbon and climate change seem to … Continue reading

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Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – “Butter”

Better than Butter – Yes it is! You can pick up cholesterol-free, trans fatty acid-free and animal-free {yup, it’s vegan} olive oil butter from E-mart in Jungdong, Busan. It would not be crazy to assume they sell vegan butter in … Continue reading

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Vegan lasagna

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I seem to be getting the same question a lot recently, “How do you live without cheese?” Cutting cheese from your diet will have immediate health benefits, is likely to result in weight loss as well as take away money from an … Continue reading

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Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas

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These high-protein snacks replicate the flavour of salt and vinegar chips. They go perfectly with cocktails and beer. I take these salty treats with me to work and school (sin cocktails) as they travel easily and stay fresh for roughly ten … Continue reading

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A Spoilt Evening

I wrote a controversial piece in an English Magazine this week about the Korean dog meat industry. Responses were interesting, contentious and stressful. I was happy to arrive home Friday evening to my pets, darling boyfriend and a package from … Continue reading

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Things I Love Thursday – Interactions with Animals in the Wild

At home in New Zealand we have a garden. Through laziness or temperament my father lets the trees and plants grow wild, cutting only the grass necessary to allow access to the trampoline and washing-line. This results in urban chaos. … Continue reading

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Juice Fast Day 3

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Juice Fast Day 3 My skin is radiant. I’m positive that the unflattering dark circles under my eyes have decreased by at least half, and that’s after only 2 days of juice! My skin feels softer and my skin tone … Continue reading

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