‘Health’ is not limited to dietary requirements. Exercising your body and feeding your mind are also key elements to health. How does the food make your body feel? When you stop eating animal flesh you’ll be more energetic and joyful.

And what do vegans eat anyway? I have a plethora of divine recipes to share.

Feeling positive about your decisions extends to every facet of your life.

When I first eliminated meat from my diet I felt lighter. I was able to run further and faster, I felt more alert and had a better sense of concentration and, eventually I could taste more refined flavours and smell more subtle odors. This was also due to  eliminating processed food from my diet. I was cautious in assuming that my positive experience was usual. But the more people I’ve spoken to and the more I’ve seen people transition, even from vegetarian to vegan, the more positive responses I hear.

In my opinion, the best part of vegan health is the enlightened feeling of making an informed and considered decision on what to put into your body, and what not to.

The idea of a food pyramid isn’t new. This one however, is free from influence by the dairy and agricultural industry, as illustrated in Marion Nestles’ book Food Politics. It is a good guideline for  a balanced diet with maximum nutrition.  You can read some of my favourite recipes, completely vegan or with substitution advice on how to make a dairy based dish animal-free.

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