Kraze Burgers

Kraze Burgers – Burgers

Jangsan             Open Sun-Mon 11am – 11pm

If you’re in the area and keen for a tofu burger, this place will do. But it’s not great. The burger minus the tofu is okay, but the ‘tofu steak’ is simply a slab of firm tofu grilled on both sides. I’ve definitely had better. It’s not cheap either. You’ll pay 7,900 for the burger and an extra 4,000won for a handful of fries. The only redeeming feature is that they do home delivery.

I recommend the mushroom patty at breeze burns Jangsan if you’re in a burger mood.


Located on your left-hand side as you exit the subway #13. Next to the Vietnamese restaurant Pho.

2 Responses to Kraze Burgers

  1. Abby says:


    Do you know if the burger bun is vegan. I know a lot of breads in Korea contain milk.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi Abby, I wish I knew but I’ve actually left Korea now and moved back to NZ. I’ve left the site going to help other vegan’s who are still living there. Sorry I can’t help on this one.

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