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Loving Hut – Vegan Restaurant

Lovers of all things vegan, this restaurant is like its big brother in Seomyeon, this Loving Hut store sports an all vegan menu, vegan baked goods, cosmetics and faux meats.

Only 5 minutes from the popular Haeundae beach a near the Enter-6 mall (formerly SFUNZ), Loving Hut offers Korean/ Chinese influenced dishes and Western Style food too.

I strongly recommend the faux meat or faux tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread with dairy free mayo or their fried rice or sweet and sour pork dishes.

Read the full restaurant review here.

The atmosphere is spacious and cosy, and super clean. A great place to go with a colleague or catch up with an old friend. (There is a muted screen running programmes from the ‘supreme master’ an environmental and potential cult-like guru. This is not invasive and can be easily ignored.)

A meal will cost you between 5,000-10,000 won. They serve alcohol free beverages but nothing stronger. Reliably open everyday for lunch and dinner. They do take-away and grocery items too.

Haeundae         Open Sun-Mon >9pm (Closed Wednesday)

Directions: From the subway, get off at Haeundae and walk towards Enter-6 mall. (It’s huge and sign posted). as you reach the mall turn left so that you’re walking away from the train station. Continue 100 meters and you’ll see it on your right on the second floor. There are sings outside and on the building in yellow.

From the beach. Walking away from the beach turn down the street with Toyota on the corner (see below). Continue for 250 meters and you’ll see it on your left, second floor with signs out the front in yellow. Enjoy

Seomyeon  CLOSED

Directions; Take the subway to Seomyeon and follow the exit signs to Judies Taewha. [It is exit 3 BUT not the typical exit 3 you’d expect. Rather it’s exit 3 out of the underground mall. ] Instead of entering Judies Taewha turn right so that you walk past Paris Baguette. Continue in this direction without be distracted by the attractive sales people. Turn right just before you hit a large (empty) metallic building which is roughly across the road from Pagoda. It’s the 4/5 store in, on your left, with a  large glass window and a yellow sign. If you come to Kyobo books you’ve gone too far.

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