Maya – Indian and Nepali Cuisine

PNU                       Mon-Fri: 11am – 3pm                    051) 516 7677

This sweet restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere filled with the aroma of authentic Indian and Nepali cooking. The chef is from Southern Asia, preparing the food from scratch.  He is able to alter dishes to exclude meat and ghee (animal fat).

Dinner Specials include a ‘Couple Set’ of Curry + Rice + Naan + 2 Drinks 25,000 won

Lunch Specials:  Curry + Rice 6,500 won

Curry + Naan 7,500 won

Lassi and Chai with a meal is only 1,000 won


Easy directions: From PNU subway walk towards PNUniversity, before you reach Paris Baguette turn right, it’s 100 meters along on your right 2nd floor.

From PNU subway walk towards PNU University (Exit 3), walk straight until you reach the main traffic road (starbucks will be on your left) turn right and walk (70 meters) until you reach the 4-way intersection ( you will see Busan Bank diagonally).

Cross to your left and walk straight one block. When you see Paris Baguette on your right, turn right, cross the street and walk a further 100 meters, it will be on you right 2nd floor.

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