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The Benefits of Swimming

The Benefits of Swimming Guest Post by David Holt.  “I feel most at home in the water.  I disappear.  That’s where I belong.” – Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Medalist. The silence that comes when your head disappears under the water … Continue reading

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Basic Vegan Nutrition

Basic Vegan Nutrition I just had to share these brilliant vegan infographics with you. They are succinct and informative. Thanks PETA   Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Print for later Related posts:Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – … Continue reading

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Nuclear Free World Festival Busan 2012

March 11th marked 1 year since the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Tragedy.  As a sign of support and camaraderie with the Japanese people who are still rebuilding their lives, the people of Busan took to the streets on Saturday to … Continue reading

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The Business of Eating Dog Meat in South Korea – BusanHaps

There are a growing number of Koreans who are passionately fighting the centuries-old practice of eating dog on the peninsula. Though a relatively small percentage of the Korean population eats dog meat, numbers suggest that a majority believe it is … Continue reading

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Juice Fast Day 4

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Juice Fast Day 4 Kitchen machines are attractive. Their shiny exterior, compact nature and creative niches. By inserting a few ingredients and flicking a button, the machine comes to life with a whirl and gargle creating magic in moments. No … Continue reading

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Juice Fast Day 2

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Juice Fast Day 2 I’m actually feeling pretty good. No dizziness, no exhaustion and no body odor – that I’m aware of. I slept well last night. For a mere 7 hours, whereas I would normally sleep for at least … Continue reading

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The Skinny on the Glycemic Index [GI]

The Glycemic Index (more popularly titled GI) is a categorizing system in which numbers are assigned to foods allowing you to more easily choose foods that curb appetite, help shed excess pounds, lower your risk for diabetes, help maintain blood sugar … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Soy

Confused about Soy? You’re Not Alone. This is a wonderful article I read by Becky Hand, licensed & registered dietitian from the Sparkpeople website.                                                                                                                                Tofu Scramble  Soy is everywhere and in every possible form—beans, nuts, milk, yogurt, cheese, flour, tofu, … Continue reading

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10 Must-Have Items For a Vegan Kitchen

Whether you’re starting out as a Vegan or need a jolt of inspiration in the cooking arena, my MUST-HAVE 10 will set you up for some delicious cooking and aid in the conversion of old favourites. 1. Egg replacer. Brilliant for pancakes, muffins, cakes, … Continue reading

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59 Health Benefits of Being Vegan

59 Health Benefits of Being Vegan Vegans are frequently misunderstood as fringe eaters with an unusual passion for animal rights. Many vegans do feel passionately about animals, but its time for others to see that a vegan diet and lifestyle goes beyond … Continue reading

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