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Shopping Cruelty Free in Korea

Shopping Cruelty Free in Korea I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for a comprehensive list of vegan bathroom products. Leaping Bunny publish a list of cruelty-free companies some of which operate in Korea, and although it’s great to support companies … Continue reading

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Planting Herbs in Spring

Planting Herbs in Spring According to the back of my seed packet, May and June are the best time of year to plant seeds for Summer herbs. Here’s how I’m growing them in a little apartment. The problem is, that … Continue reading

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How to order from i-Herb

For those {really} hard to find items I love cooking, but am sick of substituting ingredients because of unavailability. Even while enjoying my meal I can’t help but wonder what it ‘should have’ tasted like. So can you imagine my … Continue reading

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10 Must-Have Items For a Vegan Kitchen

Whether you’re starting out as a Vegan or need a jolt of inspiration in the cooking arena, my MUST-HAVE 10 will set you up for some delicious cooking and aid in the conversion of old favourites. 1. Egg replacer. Brilliant for pancakes, muffins, cakes, … Continue reading

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16 Ways To Reduce Your Waste

Too often we forget that the environmental proverb, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a ranked list of priorities. Reducing waste ought to be our first course of action. 1. Read online newspapers Yes they are wonderful to touch and ruffle but unless you’re taking … Continue reading

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