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Basic Vegan Nutrition

Basic Vegan Nutrition I just had to share these brilliant vegan infographics with you. They are succinct and informative. Thanks PETA   Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Print for later Related posts:Vegan Christmas GiftsIndian SamosasSimplest Vegan … Continue reading

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Delicious Tempeh Salad with {Vegan} Mayo

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 Delicious Tempeh Salad with {Vegan} Mayo I adapted this recipe from Food.com while looking for different ways to use tempeh. I’ll admit that I’m new to using this nutty brick – high in iron with a protein kick. The texture is … Continue reading

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Tomato Season = Tomato Soup

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Tomato Season = Tomato Soup It’s July, tomato season. All along my street sit grandmothers and farmers with bright red baskets bursting with ripe tomatoes. Selling them by the pound, then quickly replenishing stocks with a never-ending supply from their … Continue reading

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Vegan lasagna

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I seem to be getting the same question a lot recently, “How do you live without cheese?” Cutting cheese from your diet will have immediate health benefits, is likely to result in weight loss as well as take away money from an … Continue reading

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Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas

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These high-protein snacks replicate the flavour of salt and vinegar chips. They go perfectly with cocktails and beer. I take these salty treats with me to work and school (sin cocktails) as they travel easily and stay fresh for roughly ten … Continue reading

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Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

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Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus Hummus is a mainstay in any vegan’s fridge for its taste and nutritional punch. Chickpeas are famous for their protein while olive oil is full of good omega-3 fatty acids. By using sun-dried tomatoes you can alter … Continue reading

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All about Oil

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An incredible resource on oil characteristics, fat content, smoke points and best use. This information was not prepared by myself but by missvickie. A plethora of information. Enjoy.  Oils to avoid for better health While all oils are pure fat, not … Continue reading

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