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Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – Soy Milk

Shopping {Vegan} in Busan – Soy Milk There are a range of soy milks in South Korea and fortunately they’re not hard to find. Most convenience stores and corner shops will carry at least one variety, but if you’re looking … Continue reading

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How to order from i-Herb

For those {really} hard to find items I love cooking, but am sick of substituting ingredients because of unavailability. Even while enjoying my meal I can’t help but wonder what it ‘should have’ tasted like. So can you imagine my … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Buddhist Temple Food To Hit Paris

In an unusual mix of ancient tradition and modern art, the first Korean Buddhist temple food restaurant will be opened on the rooftop of  Galeries Lafayette in Paris next year, in an effort to introduce the 1,700-year-old Buddhist cuisine to … Continue reading

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The Business of Eating Dog Meat in South Korea – BusanHaps

There are a growing number of Koreans who are passionately fighting the centuries-old practice of eating dog on the peninsula. Though a relatively small percentage of the Korean population eats dog meat, numbers suggest that a majority believe it is … Continue reading

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Organic labeling in South Korea

Organic Labeling in South Korea If you’ve wondered how to identify organic goods from the grocery, check for the little coloured apple in the corner. Korea’s organic food is regulated by the National Agriculture Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) as well … Continue reading

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What to bring to Korea if you’re Vegetarian / Vegan

What to bring to South Korea if you’re veg*n Be it comfort food, nutrition or pleasure seeking indulgence. There are a few things difficult for vegetarians and vegans to obtain in South Korea. Here are  few suggestions on what to bring on … Continue reading

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Things I Like Thursday – Farmers Markets

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Things I love (and am thankful for) Thursday Farmers markets around the world differ in range, aesthetics and personality. Whenever I travel to a different country I make an effort to check out the local offerings and interact with locals. … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Loving Hut Busan (CLOSED)

July 2013: Unfortunately Loving Hut in Seomyeon (where this review is based) and the Haeundae stores have both closed. They eased the omnivore-vegetarian-vegan transition for many and will be missed. Loving Hut has been a stable and reliable restaurant for … Continue reading

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Conscientious Companies Reap Rewards

Korean companies are taking their social responsibility more seriously, and their activities are playing an important role in the community whilst increasing company profits. Consumer awareness of environmental issues and ethical practices has created a market that supports socially responsible … Continue reading

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South Korea’s Breakthrough Animal Protection Law Change?

This past month the National Assembly of South Korea amended the Animal Protection Law (APL) to provide fundamental rights of life for animals, and toughen the punishments for those who violate them. As of February 2012, offenders found guilty of … Continue reading

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