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Metal Screw found in Pet Dog After Being Cooked for Food

  At a restaurant in Daejon, South Korea customers were amazed to find 4 metal screws and a metal plate attached to a bone inside their soup. The customers had ordered a bowl of “bosingtang” which is made from dog … Continue reading

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Jirisan Hiking and Camping

T-shirt clinging rather disgustingly to my back and my water container bone dry, we finally made to the peak.  We had been hiking for over six hours, and after getting completely lost once or twice we finally broke through the … Continue reading

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Vegetarianism on the Increase in Korea

The following is from a Korean Heraldarticle on vegetarianism in Korea by reporter Park Min-young. C.A.R.E Protesters  Against Dog Meat. Sizzling steaks made with soy beans and vegetable protein, Jjambbong made with vegetable spices infusion instead of chicken gravy, Bulgogi made … Continue reading

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Gwang-ju International Centre (GIC) Library

If you’re sick of the only English books on offer at books stores those with the words Harry or Twilight in them, then wet your appetite for the 4000+ English books on offer at the Gwangju International Centre (GIC) Library. The shelves are stocked with books … Continue reading

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Essential Korean Veg*an Phrases

Essential Korean Veg*n Phrases Being vegan in South Korea isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Unlike many western countries, who have embraced the shift towards ethical purchase decisions, Korea has fewer eateries and specialty items available. But once you learn a few … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

We calculated this morning that we hadn’t received a pay cheque since October 2010. After traveling around South America, with a brief stop over in Spain, and then returning to South Korea for work, we have been eagerly awaiting our first … Continue reading

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“No Car Day” in South Korea

You too may have noticed the abundance of pedestrians testing the efficiently of the subway and the clip clop of heels negotiating an uneven pavement. It’s reasonable to assume that Korea’s “No Car Day”    has made the streets ever so slightly … Continue reading

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