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Korean School Successfully Experimenting With Vegetarian Meals

Young-jin High School in Daegu offer vegetarian meals After recording and blogging about Korea’s middle school lunch program, I was chuffed to read this article from the Hankyoreh originally published in Korean, in September. I get a real kick out … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Buddhist Temple Food To Hit Paris

In an unusual mix of ancient tradition and modern art, the first Korean Buddhist temple food restaurant will be opened on the rooftop of  Galeries Lafayette in Paris next year, in an effort to introduce the 1,700-year-old Buddhist cuisine to … Continue reading

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What to bring to Korea if you’re Vegetarian / Vegan

What to bring to South Korea if you’re veg*n Be it comfort food, nutrition or pleasure seeking indulgence. There are a few things difficult for vegetarians and vegans to obtain in South Korea. Here are  few suggestions on what to bring on … Continue reading

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Things I Like Thursday – Pot Lucks

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Where else do you have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people in an intimate setting? Test out you quirky orange-chocolate mouse? And lounge about on the floor in your socks? Potlucks are a great way to taste new foods … Continue reading

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What do vegans eat? – 7 Days of Vegan Treats

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What do vegans eat? These are the tantalizing treats of my autumn eats. From warm hearty soups to wholesome salads, lasagnas and sweet fruity ice-cream. I’ve collated a selection of dishes to encourage you into the kitchen and reinvigorate your taste … Continue reading

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Vegetarianism on the Increase in Korea

The following is from a Korean Heraldarticle on vegetarianism in Korea by reporter Park Min-young. C.A.R.E Protesters  Against Dog Meat. Sizzling steaks made with soy beans and vegetable protein, Jjambbong made with vegetable spices infusion instead of chicken gravy, Bulgogi made … Continue reading

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10 Must-Have Items For a Vegan Kitchen

Whether you’re starting out as a Vegan or need a jolt of inspiration in the cooking arena, my MUST-HAVE 10 will set you up for some delicious cooking and aid in the conversion of old favourites. 1. Egg replacer. Brilliant for pancakes, muffins, cakes, … Continue reading

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