Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal – Indian

PNU                         11.00am- 11.00pm                     tel: 051) 514 2023

What a find! Beauty in the day and radiant at night. The atmosphere in this restaurant is wonderful, to match the fragrant food and the authentic music.

Delish dishes on the menu include samosas, masala papad, soups, dal makhni, navaratan curry, chill mushroom, wines and even dessert. Desserts are vegetarian but not vegan (shame) as they contain milk. A main dish will cost 8,000-14,000.

Owned and run by an Indian family, this restaurant offers great service and authentic food. They can also boast of their unique clothing and jewelry on display for sale at the entrance of the restaurant. This gives you some discretion if you not hungry but keen to shop.


Directions: Exit 1 PNU Subway Station, walk towards PNUniversity. You will pass GS25 on the left, continue across the main traffic street (towards the Vietnamese Pho restaurant). You will pass Kepabistan on your left, continue straight and it’s on the same block to your right 2nd floor.

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