Thursday Party

Thursday Party – Burger and Pasta

Gwangan                                    051-758-0822/051-753-6621

This bar styled cafe is part of the successful Thursday Party franchise. If you eat there it’s probably because of the view. Seated near the window can enjoy the full grandeur of Gwangan Beach. In Summer you can dine alfresco.

Vegan options are limited. You can order a ‘big breakfast’ with modifications, they are pretty good about it, or order the Tofu burger ‘for vegetarian and beautiful women‘ their words, not mine. The burger will cost 7,900 and it is substantial in size. But unfortunately, like many cafes in Korea who attempt to tackle the tofu burger, this one is lackluster. It’s simply a grilled tofu steak. No marinade or spices. It’s pretty bland.


Located opposite the Gwangan beach between Lotteria and Aqua Palace Hotel.


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