Vegan Eateries in Busan

There are many vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Busan, if you know where to look. Most pasta / pizza places will adapt their menu if you shoot them a smile. And even if you’re not sure that the restaurant will offer a veg. dish you ought to ask, if for no other reason then to inform them that there’s demand. Need help with some Korean phrases?

* Great environment     Vegan only

08/23/2013 : This page is being updated. New restaurants are added all the time.


Artista – Mexican

Gusttimo – Gelato

Kraze Burgers – Burgers

Pho- Vietnamese


Fuzzy Navel – Mexican and Bar food

Ganga – Indian

Loving Hut– Asian infused western food 

Namaste (2 locations) – Indian

Sushi Berry – vegan sushi (serves fish)

Quiznos (2 locations) – Sandwiches

VIPS – Huge buffet ( serves steak)

Westin Chosun – Huge Buffet (serves steak/seafood)

Wolfhound – Pub food (serves steak)

Centum City

Hyosowon – Vegetarian Buffet

Pho – Vietnamese

Shinseagae Food Court – More options than you’d think


Thursday Party – Pizza and Pasta

VIPS – Huge buffet ( serves steak)


Aiola – Pasta & Pizza

Ayuta – Indian (only 1 dish vegan)

Kim Mee Ja – Vegan Buffet

O’Taco – Mexican

Shabana – Indian

Benekong – Vegetarian Italian Restaurant (mock meats)


Cal Gook Su – Creamy Sesame Wheat Noodles

Loving Hut – Vegan Restaurant

Pho- Vietnamese

Well-Being Namsae Buffet – Vegan Restaurant


Maya – Indian

Pho – Vietnamese

Shabana – Indian

Taj Mahal – Indian


Loving Hut – Vegan restaurant

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  1. Aric Malcolm says:

    Thank you very much for providing this information. Would you happen to know Vegetarian / Vegan Eateries in cities other than Busan?

    • VeganUrbanite says:

      Hi Aric
      Are you living in South Korea? There is a map here which has the location of some other vegan / vegetarian friendly restaurants. It is being updated regularly and may offer some guidance. I hope that’s of some help.

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