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3 major things that you should not do when going Vegan

Sometimes people are completely baffled as to what I live off of. Others think it must be sooo much work. Once you get used to being vegan, it’s really easy. I often compare it to walking. You spend your whole life learning how to walk forwards.

1.Don’t be so hard on yourself.

It takes about 3 months for your body to completely rid itself of these addictions.

So you had something with cheese, or you ate meat or fish… yeah that isn’t what your striving for, but what you are striving for is completely new. It’s not about perfection. Your taste buds are learning, old habits are being broken.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Going vegan is trying a new thing. Many of the dishes that used to be my faves don’t even interest me anymore, and instead I have racked up a list of yummy new foods I like to munch on.

There are so many awesome fresh fruits and veggies available, don’t be afraid to venture away from the basics. If you see someone eating seasoned hemp seeds, have a taste, never heard of seitan? Try that. Seaweed chips? Sure thing. Dragonfruit? In the basket.

You probably won’t like everything, but you may come across your new favourite.

3 Don’t forget to cook!

Maybe you don’t cook a lot, but if vegan is your goal, you will end up cooking often. This doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Some people take a couple of hours on a Sunday and prepare large portions of food to last them throughout the week.

Whatever your style, make sure your kitchen gets some action. Even if you have great options at restaurants around you, nothing beats the price, the taste, and the comfort of a homemade meal. Cooking is even a little less frightening now. No worrying about meat being undercooked or raw eggs in batter. Vegan foods can be eaten at any stage of the cooking process. Pass the cookie dough!


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