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5 best Cutting Boards for 2022 Kitchens

Cutting boards are the new lifesaver in the kitchen. They conveniently reduce your prep work while protecting your knife blades and improving sanitation. Every kitchen has a multitude of cutting, dicing and chopping tasks. That’s where these simple yet convenient tools come in.

While you can easily get a cutting board in different materials, sizes or shapes, a versatile board is ideal. Depending on the intended purpose, one that allows you to cut everything from raw meat, vegetables, bread, chicken or fruits.

What to consider when buying a cutting board

Getting the right cutting board may depend on several factors. With the large variety of brands to choose from, material and cost, it’s ideal you know what you need. Fortunately, I will walk with you through everything you need to know for a great purchase;

i. Type of cutting board

There are several materials that make up cutting boards. These materials

  • Wood

Most traditional cutting boards are made of wood. They are essential for any cutting task in the kitchen and last long. You can easily organize your appetizers on these heavy and sturdy boards with ease or slice through your meat or cheese. Plus, they conveniently handle any kind of cutting needs.

While these materials are safe for use and bacteria do not survive on them, it depends on the species of wood used in the crafting.

Most wood boards are easy on your knives and last longer. They do not discolor or stain but may require extra care and maintenance to prevent warping and cracking.

However, these pieces are expensive and not dishwasher safe. It is recommended you wash thoroughly with water and treat the cutter by applying a mixture of oil and wax, depending on how regular you use it.  

  • Bamboo

Bamboo boards have almost the same features as those of wood. However, they are harder, which means they will not be very gentle on your knives.

Unlike plastic boards, you shouldn’t clean bamboo boards in the dishwasher to prevent warping, and for their long-term use.

These boards require lots of maintenance care for better performance. Fortunately, it requires cleaning after every use and regular oiling.

Moving these boards around is simple with the lightweight wood used. However, for amazing results, consider one that sits well on your counter and doesn’t slide much. Moreover, these boards cost more than wooden boards.

  • Plastic

Plastic cutting boards are popular with lots of options to choose from. You can choose from heavy slabs, thick, cutting mats and much more. These lightweight pieces are dishwasher-safe, but you need to confirm with the manufacturer before using the dishwasher.

Unlike wooden and bamboo boards, plastic boards are disposable. You will from time to time change them as they easily wear out even with proper care. There is more tear and wear due to knife cuts that damage them over time.

While they are easy to clean and handle most cutting needs, it will be tricky to clean as food residues and bacteria get trapped easily in the scars, a better term to getting a new one.

  • Composite

These cutting boards appear like wood-made boards, but they are made from a paper-based material Richlite. Composite boards have a fairly strong cutting surface, which makes them ideal for everyday cutting needs.

Composite boards are dishwasher-safe, do not stain, withstand high temperatures, and don’t damage easily. Moreover, they require low maintenance and can handle all cutting needs while remaining gentle on your knives.

ii. Maintenance

For better performance, ensure you get a functional board that is easy to maintain. Different materials used in the cutting boards will determine how much maintenance is required. For instance, Plastic boards require more maintenance than wooden ones. Ensure you know how to deal with the odor, stains, warping and its general cleaning and care.

iii. Cost

Various cutting boards have features that determine their pricing. A more sturdy and durable board will mean extra cost. Once you know the purpose and kind of unit you need, you can easily get one in your favorable price range. It, however, is recommended you get a product that is not only of the best quality but also friendly on your pocket.

iv. Ease of cleaning

It is ideal you get a product that is easy to clean. Most cutting boards are dishwasher-safe, making it a hassle-free cleanup. However, wood products are hand cleaned to avoid warping and damage. You may need a stain-free and odor-free board that gets the job done while remaining clean and safe for use. It is recommended you, clean boards, after every use.

v. Quality

A high-quality cutting board will ensure you have the best prep work done while being gentle on the knife. It will determine how long you will use your board or the level of maintenance required for better results.  

Top 5 cutting boards on Amazon

There are several brands and models of cutting boards on amazon to try. Here are a few of the best I can recommend;

  1. OXO Good Grips 2-piece Cutting Board

For an ideal plastic cutting board, the Oxo grip gets the job done. It is uniquely designed and comes in many sizes and combinations to meet your slicing, dicing and chopping needs.

Oxo has the best dual-sided board that has integrated drip-catchers and easy-pour corners to minimize messes. It has contoured edges that allow you to lift one side of the board for easy removal of waste into a bin.

This durable board has softly tapered edges that form comfortable handles for carrying. Its non-slip feet ensure the board remains in place while chopping or slicing your ingredients.

Cleaning is simplified with the dishwasher-safe board. It comes with non-porous surfaces that easily resist odours while remaining gentle on the knife blades.  

Using this lightweight board to chop your vegetables, meat and fruits are ideal.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Suitable for a variety of ingredients
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe

What we don’t like

  • Leaves marks

2. Greener Chef Organic Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

If you need a functional, high-quality and versatile cutting board, this bamboo board from Greener is what you need. It has more room for extra cutting for lesser prep work.

You can effectively use it for meats, fruits and vegetables. It has deep grooves that channel excess juice for less mess. It is ideal for slicing and dicing while remaining gentle on the knife blades.

Durability is a surety with the 100% Moso chopping board.  Its unique design allows you to use its other side to create a cutting platter for serving bread, cheese and much more.

Cleaning and maintaining this bamboo board is easy. Simply wash it using water and soap and season it with any food-grade cooking board oil for long-lasting results.

Moreover, these Greener boards effectively work, without any worries of cracking, warping and splitting.

What we like

  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Gentle on the knife

What we don’t like

  • May leave cutting marks

3. Gorilla Grip Cutting Board

This cutting board is all you need to prep your ingredients. While it is the most durable tool, you can easily cut your vegetables or meat using both sides. Its reversible feature makes it ideal when you are preparing different food at a go.

The Gorilla grip board comes in 3 generously-sized boards for all your cutting and slicing needs. Plus, they come with a slip-resistant rubber border that keeps them in place when in use, and a durable rubber handle for easy storage.

With the deep juice grooves along the border, you are sure of lesser messes. That’s because it helps in catching the extra juices from your ingredients.

Unlike wood boards, these nonporous cutting boards are dishwasher safe, require no maintenance and are gentle on the knife blades.

What we like

  • easy to clean
  • Less mess
  • Versatile
  • Durable

4. Farberware Plastic Cutting Board

Using this reversible cutting board for a double cutting surface from Faberware is an attractive choice. It allows you to cut, chop and slice vegetables, meat, poultry and fruits.

There´s more to this BPA Free boards made from Polypropylene plastic. Its material is non-absorbent and non-porous leaving you with an odor, stain and bacteria-free surface. Your knife blades will always be sharp as it’s gentle.

Cleaning this cutting board is easy as placing it in the dishwasher. Moreover, it’s effective for everyday use and easy to maintain.

What we like

  • Gentle on knives
  • Easy cleanup
  • Leaves no odor and stains

5. Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

If you are into a wooden-like cutting board with the convenience of plastic, Epicurean´s composite board is a perfect choice. Made from a unique eco-friendly Richlite paper composite material, which makes it durable, non-porous and knife friendly.

This lightweight and flexible board is designed for everyday use. It serves perfectly on both sides. Slicing, cutting and chopping have never been easy.

It has a built-in thumb hole that makes it easy to store and use. The handy non-slip feet on the Epicurean cutting board make it easy to use without sliding unnecessarily.

This maintenance-free cutting board does not absorb odors. It can also be used as a trivet as it is temperature resistant to 350°F.

Using this NSF-certified board is recommended for any commercial or home kitchens. It comes in a variety of 4 sizes and 3 colors.

You can easily clean this board in the dishwasher.

What we like

  • Easy cleaning
  • Temperature resistant
  • Flexible
  • Lifetime warranty

What we don’t like

  • Tougher on knives

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