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Factors to Consider when Buying Green Powder Supplements

Getting the right supplement may be a daunting task. There are various types of superfoods, in this case, green powders, on the market to choose from. They are made using organic ingredients, but few ingredients may not meet the all-natural category.

Most green powder brands claim their supplements consist of high-end nutrients and come with many health benefits. This article has highlighted almost everything you need to know before settling for your ideal green powder.

What are green powder supplements?

Green powders, also known as green drinks or super greens, are a popular supplement with the highest dietary content to improve nutrient intake. Most people do not take enough vegetables and fruits daily as recommended due to the busy lifestyles, unavailability of some ingredients or being picky eaters.

These superfoods are made differently to provide high-quality green powder for all your health needs. Most nutrient-filled formulas are made from raw green vegetables, fruits, enzymes, herbs, algae, and grasses. The main processes involved include drying or dehydration, extracting the juice in ingredients, drying them and crushing into powder, and using the two processes for more efficacy. You can easily add a scoop of the powder into water, juice, smoothies sprinkle it onto food, as per your liking.

Why consider Green powder supplements?

Getting all the nutrients recommended may be beyond taking vegetables and fruits. It is not guaranteed to get that healthy body unless you boost your nutrient intake while changing your lifestyle. With the increased supplements on the market, you are sure to get an ancestral whole-food diet to meet your daily requirement.

There is more to need from this great diet addition. For instance:

i. Increased nutrient deficiencies

Our current lifestyle is filled with pollution, busy schedules, and other stressors that increase our needs for micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. For a detoxed body, reduced stress, and improved digestion, you need more vitamins and fiber, but the number of nutrients required is not often met.

Due to the lack of enough nutrients, cases such as hormonal imbalance, poor immune functions, increased risk of cancer, increased cellular aging, and stubborn weight gain is on the rise. Therefore, boosting your micronutrients and mineral level to avoid the above issues requires supplementation, which is affordable and effective.

ii. Depleted nutrients in the soil

Industrial farming with other ways of farming, there has been a reduction in the nutrient level in the soil for healthier food production. Due to the lack of minerals and good bacteria in the topsoil, the nutrient-dense vegetables, and other food supplies have tremendously reduced. The increased use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals has affected the safety, quality, and efficacy of food. That means you may eat all the vegetables and fruits as recommended, but you probably aren’t getting the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your wellbeing.

iii. Lack of organic and wild varieties of ingredients

With afforestation and other farming practices across the globe, there has been a significant reduction of species in the ecosystem. That means there are fewer nutrients in the species available, with most containing fewer phytonutrients and micronutrients present in the naturally occurring plants and herbs species.

What to look for in the best greens powder

There is a wide variety of green powders on the market with different nutritional profiles, sources, and effectiveness. Looking for the right supplement will majorly depend on what you are looking for in the formula and your expectations of adding it to your diet.

  1. The source of ingredients

Green powders incorporate different ingredients in their formula from various sources. They have nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins that ensure your body and health are in check. For convenience and efficacy, ensure you know the source of the ingredients in your required product, how effective it is, and any allergies.

The primary sources include:

  • Marine sources

Green powders from this source contain lots of nutrient-dense ingredients. These water-based algae supplements are among the most recommended supplements for their health benefits, proteins and superior chlorophyll content.

Most marine powders are available on their own. However, they may be mixed into blends due to their solid algae or dirty taste. Some water-based superfood sources are spirulina, a superior water alga that contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, protein, iron, and Vitamins for excellent health, digestion, and immune health. Chlorella is rich in iron, Vitamins, proteins, magnesium, and zinc, while Dulse and Kelp contain vitamins C, B6, and B12, calcium, magnesium, iron, and chromium for a healthy body.

  • Grass sources

Green powders from grass sources are incredible for your whole being due to the high nutrient content. They blend perfectly with other ingredients. Most have a grassy taste due to the fiber, but they don’t taste that bad.

Alfalfa, barley, rye, oat, wheatgrass are effective grass sources that contain high fiber content, Vitamins A, C, and K, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, and pantothenic acid.

  • Fermented sources

Fermentation of greens has been around for decades for its effectiveness and convenience. These superfoods are still new on the market in their powdered form and offer a unique benefit for being shelf-stable with lots of nutrient-dense than traditional greens.

Fermented foods are created through controlled microbial growth. They are the best prebiotics that helps grow good bacteria for better gut health. They also produce chain fatty acids that support colon and immune health.

Research has recently supported its benefits on your health. Fermented vegetates such as kale or sauerkraut have a strong taste. They improve digestion, mental wellbeing, and increased nutrient absorption.  

  • Green superfood blends

These green powders conveniently provide you with many nutrients from marine, grass, or fermented sources. They are incorporated to form a unique blend loaded with nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, minerals, and essential nutrients, all in one serving.

All the ingredients used are measured differently. Each dose contains micronutrients that ensure you are in shape and healthy.

2. Cost

Each green powder brand comes with a different price tag. However, the price does not measure the effectiveness of the formula you are using. Some products come at a pocket-friendly price but provide you with many health benefits due to the nutrients. Ensure you get a formula that is of high quality within your budget.

3. Safety of an ingredient

All green powder brands claim o use organic and quality ingredients in the formula. It is not so, as not all powders are created the same. To be on the safe side, ensure you look out for;

  • Sweeteners, artificial colors, additives

Greens are essential for your health. They are filled with essential nutrients that provide good health, but the taste is intolerable. To make it consumable, some manufacturers include harmful ingredients that may cause danger to your health when consumed for a long time. They include; non-organic and GMO ingredients, sugar, artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, artificial colors, fillers, and other allergens.

Ensure you research supplements before consuming as any with these ingredients need to be avoided.

  • Harsh Powder processing

Producing green powders may be a daunting task. It is hard getting a pure powder as there are many phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals that are sensitive to light, heat, and other forms of processing. For greens to have all the nutrients and preserve them, the vegetables need to be freeze-dried into water-soluble powders.

Ensure you get a green powder from a reputable rand with lots of knowledge on the biology of superfoods processing for the perfect powder with intact nutrients.

4. Amount of Ingredients

When buying your perfect supplement, it is essential to know how much of each ingredient you are adding to your diet. As much as most green powders may have the same ingredient, know the amount of wheatgrass, Chlorella, or spirulina you will be getting in a single-serve. It will help make the right decision by looking at the potency, benefits, and effectiveness.

5. Review and Research

Reading user reviews may help you make sound decisions on the best supplement for your needs. Ensure you read through the reviews on the green powder supplement or third-party websites such as amazon.  

With the many claims on the powder benefits on the market, it is ideal you look for formulas with scientific backup on the effectiveness and potency of the ingredients used. A good-quality supplement will do more than boost energy and support digestion.

Health Benefits of Green powders

According to the brand’s claims, starting on green powders can guarantee you lots of health benefits. Individual ingredients have been linked to various health benefits backed by scientific claims. Here are some of the advantages of taking these supplements:

  • Supported immune system

With the high levels of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other essential nutrients in the formula, these properties have been found to play a significant role in immune system functions. These nutrients ensure you have a robust immune system and protection of your body and cells against infections.

  • Improved digestion

The fiber, enzymes, vitamins, chlorophyll, and other nutrients ensure you have a healthy digestive system and improved digestion processes.

  • Removal of toxins from the body

With the chemicals and pesticides used in our food, there is an increased build-up of toxins in our bodies. These supplements remove toxins, metals, and chemicals in your system for a healthy you.

  • Improved cognitive health

Essential nutrients in spirulina, Rhodiola, and other ingredients boost your brain activity, increase memory and improve focus. They also protect you from neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Prevent diseases and cell oxidation

The increased vitamin content in the formula reduces the risk of chronic illnesses and other cell-damaging radicals which cause diabetes.

  • Increased energy

If you need a daily boost in energy, the formula contains essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that will ensure you are supercharged to handle daily activities or workouts.

How to take the green powders

Taking green powder juices is easy. Each brand comes with its measurement and scooping prescription for accuracy.

You can add the powder to water. However, some may come with a grassy dirt taste. The taste should not be a concern as you can easily add it to juices, smoothies, or sprinkle to food.


Green powders are the ideal choice for nutrients. However, they should not be used as substitutes for the regular vegetable and fruits diet. Only use it to boost your vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients while adding the formula to boost your already healthy lifestyle.

Before starting any supplement to boost your immune system, support your brain health, ease digestion, and increase energy, ensure you undergo a medical evaluation to ensure you are healthy to use. If you have a medical condition, pregnant or nursing woman, consult first. These supplements may not possess any severe side effects, making them ideal and safe for use.

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