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7 best Centrifugal Juicers on amazon

Juicing has since gained popularity globally for its health benefits. There is a need for a good juicer for all the nutrients in a fresh and healthy drink. If you are looking for a juice companion for all the smoothest juices with less pulp, centrifugal machines are your ideal choice.

These juicers are powerful to handle a variety of ingredients with different textures. They have the highest rotational speed, ensuring you have your juice in seconds.

What to consider when buying Centrifugal Juicers

Getting the right juicer for your needs may be daunting as many options to select. All manufacturers claim their products are the best, which may be challenging when choosing the right one for your needs. These machines come in different sizes, features, price tags, functionality and user-friendliness, and more. The ideal help in making the right decision depends on you, the needs at hand, and your uniqueness.

Consider looking at the feed chute size, pulp ejection, juicing speed, durability, warranty, and ease of cleaning for the best performance and efficacy.

Top 8 Centrifugal juicers on Amazon

Amazon has a variety of juicers to choose from, depending on your needs. These machines are built differently to handle juicing at its best. They have unique features that make them worthwhile Their materials, price, and brand may vary, but the function remains almost the same, to give you a nutritious glass of juice in seconds.

We have highlighted some of the best centrifugal juicers on the market to try. They can conveniently accommodate beginner and pro juicers’ needs in the comfort of their pockets. They may vary in size, so choose one according to your kitchen or countertop space.

They include:

  1. KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines

KOIOS juicers are a perfect choice for any kitchen. It’s built to handle different fruits and vegetables for a perfect drink. It uses the centrifugal principle and German Advanced Manufacturing technology to ensure quality-tested machines with outstanding juicing performance.

Juicing is made easy and fast with this bulkier juice extractor. Its 3″ extra-large feed chute provides enough space when juicing whole fruits and vegetables. There is no need to precut your ingredients, saving more time when juicing.

Its powerful 1300W motor ensures you have perfect and bulkier juice produced every time. The speed used in the process conveniently handles various ingredients to give you the best drink.

Controlling your juicing process is possible with the 2 Gears mode functions. The “1” low-speed option running from 12000 to 15000 RPM is effective for softer fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries, and oranges. For the “2” fast speed mode, hard fruits and vegetables, including beets, celery, carrots, apples, kales, and spinach, are easily shredded into the most nutritious drink in seconds.

The sturdy stainless-steel design makes it ideal for longer juicing. The culinary grade stainless-steel blades ensure an even distribution of ingredients, grinding, and extraction, while its 304-mesh filter ensures you have a good quality of juice with less clogging.  

Cleaning the KOIOS juicer is simple and easy to assemble and disassemble parts.

With the 3-year warranty on the machine, you are sure of its quality and convenience. You are free to contact the company in case of dissatisfaction or issues with the appliance.

What we like

  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Easy to use

2. Amazon Basics Centrifugal Juicer

Amazon Basics products are among the top for their quality, functionality, and performance. This juicer is your ideal companion for its uniqueness and better juicing capabilities. It’s powerful enough to extract juice from fruits and vegetables to give you a perfect and smooth drink in seconds.

Its wide-mouth chute conveniently accommodates whole fruits and vegetables. It saves you lots of time on cutting and slicing.

The 2-speeds motor speed ensures your hard fruits such as apples, carrots, and celery are shredded to give you rich drinks, while the low-speed setting is ideal for soft fruits, including strawberries and tomatoes.

All the parts of the juicer are BPA-free. You can quickly assemble and disassemble the parts for cleaning. What’s more, all the detachable parts are dishwasher-safe.

Convenience is what amazon basics juicer is about. It features an anti-drip spout, large capacity pulp container, and juice jug to make juicing even more enjoyable.

This great product is backed up by the Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty on the parts.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  •  Easy to use and clean
  • Maximum juice output
  • Durable
  • Perfect for small spaces

What we don’t like

  • Noisy

3. Chefman Centrifugal juicer

Healthy and homemade juice are what Chefman is all about. This incredible machine allows you to extract juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables for a nutritious-dense drink. The 700W motor power provides the stainless-steel blades with enough rotation power to shred ingredients into the finest juice with dry pulp. With this great juicer, you can make dishes other than juice.

With the 2-speed control switch, you can extract juice from various ingredients ranging from soft to hard fruits. You can juice leafy vegetables and fresh fruits with a turn of a switch.

Cleaning is simple and fast with the easy to assemble and disassemble parts. The removable juice pitcher and dishwasher-safe parts make it simple to clean. Moreover, its stainless-steel finishes and black surface are easy to wipe and boost aesthetics.

This compact juicer features a foam separator for a seamless and foamless drink, a juice pitcher for easy dispensing of juice, and a cleaning brush for cleaning the juicer.

All the juicer parts are cETL approved with safety technological advancements for increased durability and quality.

Chefman gives you a 1-year assurance on their products. Feel free to buy this great product. It has over 3200 global ratings with a 4.3 out of 5 stars from customers on Amazon.  

What we like

  • Easy cleaning
  • Compact
  • 2-speeds control
  • Quality juice yields

4. Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer machine

For healthy homemade juice in seconds, Hamilton Beach is your ideal juicer. It is equipped with unique features that ensure you have a nutritious drink from various fruits and vegetables. What’s more, you can use this machine to make almond, rice, and soy milk drinks. Its powerful 800W electric motor provided enough energy for extracting maximum juice from the most complex fruits such as beets.

With the extra-large 3″ feed chute, you have less prep work as it can accommodate whole ingredients. It saves you time used in slicing and cutting through fruits and vegetables.

Cleaning is simple, with all the removable parts being dishwasher-safe. Its parts are also easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning. Moreover, the manufacturers include a cleaning brush for convenience.

The Hamilton Beach Pro model comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the juicer parts. For any issues with your machine, feel free to contact their dedicated customer care.

You will get nothing short of quality, convenience, and effectiveness from the bestselling juicer brand. This machine has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with 21,256 global ratings from customers on Amazon.

What we like

  • Quality performance
  • High juice yield
  • Easy cleaning

5. . Breville 800JEXL Centrifugal Juicer

Breville is a popular name in the juicing community. It boasts of great appliances that surpass other brands’ quality, performance, and effectiveness. The 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite model is an ideal choice to take your juicing to the next level. It allows you to extract juice from different fruits and vegetables to give you 85% of the juice.

It features a 1000W motor power that ensures all the ingredients are shredded and crushed to give you the richest juice with extra dry pulp in seconds.

The juicer has 2-speed modes that ensure any ingredient you are using for your juicing is handled appropriately for maximum juice extraction. The low speed handles soft food varieties, while the fast seed is for the more complex ingredients such as carrots and apples.

The large “3” inch feed chute conveniently accommodates whole fruits and vegetables. You get to save time used for slicing and cutting.

Cleaning is bliss with this juicer. All the removable parts of this machine are dishwasher-safe. You can also assemble and disassemble the parts for more effortless and fast cleaning.

What we like

  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High juice yield
  • Durable

What we don’t like

  • Not good with seeds
  • Bulkier

6. Ultrean Centrifugal juicer

Are you looking for a quality and powerful juicer for all your juicing needs? The Ultrean centrifugal juicer is what you need. It is equipped to stand out with its robust design and performance. The food-grade stainless steel blades and filter mesh ensure the ingredients are shredded while separating the pulp from the juice for a smoother drink. The stainless-steel body makes it even more durable.

With this powerful juicer, the extra-wide feed chute reduces the prep work as you can feed whole fruits and vegetables without prior cutting. In operation, these machines are stable, thanks to their anti-slip rubber feet.  

Ultrean juicers have a powerful 800W motor that provides enough energy to shred ingredients for more juice yields effectively.

Juicing is at its best with this powerful machine. It comes with two-speed modes that ensure you have the right speed for your ingredients. The low-speed function is practical on soft fruits and vegetables such as oranges, and tomatoes while the high-speed setting handles hard ingredients, including apples, kales, celery, and carrots.

The safety features in this machine make juicing even more enjoyable. The safety lock clamp automatically stops operation if the lid is not locked tightly. Its overheat protection shuts down the juicer when the motor is overloaded. What’s more, the anti-slip rubber feet provide stability to the machine during the juicing process.

You can quickly and comfortably juice any time of the day with minimal noise in the operating machine. This juicer produces low noise of less than 65 dB when juicing. Its quiet yet powerful motor gives you the healthiest drink in seconds.

The ultrean juicers are easy to clean, with all the removable parts being dishwasher-safe. It comes with a cleaning brush that effectively helps clean the mesh filter. Its large juice jug and pulp container allow you to prepare lots of juice while making it easy when cleaning. For more cleanliness, the anti-drip design for the spout prevents unnecessary dripping of juice and other ingredients, leaving your countertop messy-free.  

With their 12-month warranty, the company is committed to giving you the best product. In case of any dissatisfaction, you can quickly contact their customer support.

What we like

  • Easy to use
  •  Increased juice yields
  • Durable
  • Simple cleaning

7. SHARDOR Centrifugal Juicer

SHARDOR juicers are ideal for all-around juicing. Their products are built to withstand the most complex ingredients creating a nutrient-filled juice for a healthy you. Like any other juicer, this model tries to extract as much juice from different fruits and vegetables with its stainless steel and BPA-free cutting disc and mesh filter. Its plastic juicer jug and pulp collector make juicing more enjoyable.

This machine features two-speed settings and a powerful motor to work on different fruits and vegetables to produce the richest drink without clogging and less foam. The low speed, 13000-15000 RPM, conveniently juices soft fruits such as tomatoes oranges while the fast speed 16000-18000 RPM handles more complex fruits and vegetables including carrots, kale, and apples.

The extra-large 3-inches feed chute conveniently holds peeled fruits, including oranges and apples, without cutting them into pieces. It dramatically saves on prep work while maximizing the quality of juice produced.

Safety of operation is at its best with this juice extractor. It features the safety Locking Arm that prevents the machine from working when the lid is not locked in place. The Overload Protection automatically stops the juicer operation once it senses an overload. What’s more, the non-slip rubber feet at the bottom of the juicer make it easy and comfortable to use the machine without slipping and vibrations.

With the SHARDOR juicer, you are sure of clean and smooth operation. Its anti-drip function and design prevent any juice or ingredient from dripping, leaving you with a clean surface with more juice results.

Easy cleaning is a guarantee with this powerful juice extractor. All the parts of the machine are safe for use and BPA-free. Most parts on this machine are easy to assemble and disassemble, easing the cleaning process. Moreover, all the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

The quiet motor gives you great results in the quietest environment in seconds. With its 2-year warranty, customers are guaranteed a replacement or money-back guarantee for any dissatisfaction.

What we like

  • Great juicing experience
  •  Maximum juice yields
  •  Easy to clean and use
  •  Safety features


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