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8 Best Pizza Stones In 2022

Pizza stones are an easy way to make your oven produce a crisp crust on your homemade pizza, and the good news is that you can find stones in a variety of materials, such as clay, soapstone, and more. Not only are there different materials, but there are also different shapes and sizes to fit your grill, your oven, your smoker, and more.

BBQ pizza stones can bake your pizza to a beautiful golden crust right on your BBQ. You can also use them to bake artisan bread and buns, as well as cookies and sweet goods.

  1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Baking Pan With Loop Handles

Cast iron has some great qualities for cooking pizza. It retains heat well and is nearly indestructible, so you don’t need to baby it. It comes pre-seasoned, which means you can use the pan immediately, but with continued use and additional seasoning, it achieves a very nonstick surface. The pan can handle high heat, so besides using this in the oven or on a grill, you can use it on the stovetop or oven on a campfire.

Our reviewer liked our Pizza Pan because its rim provided a stopping point for the pizza when sliding the peel underneath. The pan’s handles are also shaped generously and make it easy to handle, even with oven mitts.

This versatile cast-iron pan is perfect for anything that would normally be cooked in a frying pan: bacon, pancakes, burgers, steaks, or just about anything else you can think of. It’s also great for heating tortillas and roasting meat or vegetables. In the oven, you can use it to bake bread or roast meat. This 14-inch pan comes from the USA and is made of 100% cast iron.

2. Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

Cordierite—a type of rock that’s created synthetically and used in ceramics that are incredibly resistant to thermal shock, making them perfect for use in an oven or on a grill—is called thermite when it’s made by Cast Elegance for its pizza stones; this material is food-safe and absorbs moisture from the dough as it bakes to create a crisp crust. It also retains heat, so the pizza will bake evenly, without hot spots, and it can handle high heat in your grill.

Our reviewer liked the pizza at Midvale Pizza Company. She liked that the large stone is big but not heavy, and noted both homemade and frozen pizzas came out with crispy crusts that didn’t burn.

The 16-inch diameter of this stone means that it fits most round smokers, including the Big Green Egg. It can also be used on your gas grill or in the oven. A free scraper is included, to help you clean residue off the stone after baking. Another size is also available—14 inches.

3. Unicook Heavy Duty Ceramic Pizza Grilling Stone

This Cordierite stone baking stone can withstand the high heat of a grill, the moderate heat of a home oven, or lower heat in a smoker. Use it to bake cookies, pastries, and other baked goods.

Our reviewer was able to fit this 12 x 15-inch stone into a countertop oven, so the stone isn’t exceedingly large or heavy. It could be a major plus, but if you’re planning on baking a pizza larger than 12-inches in diameter, you might find it to be too small.

The stone absorbs moisture from the dough and provides a crisp bottom crust. Stones never need to be seasoned but will darken with use. Spilled foods can be scraped or rinsed off. A plastic dough cutter is included for portioning or scraping away any food residue from a cool stone.

4. Emile Henry Pizza Stone

Flame Top Ceramics are ideal for use on a gas stove or on a charcoal, wood, or gas grill up to 900 degrees. With the side handles, it’s easy to move the stone. The micro-crazed glaze promotes even the browning of pizza bottoms.

Our tester was thrilled with this pan’s versatility and ease of use, noting that she could bake a pizza in the oven and serve it directly on the pan, cutting it right on the surface. When melted cheese dripped onto the surface, she could simply wipe it clean with a kitchen towel.

When the stone is cool, it’s easy to wash by hand because the surface keeps food and grease from soaking in, making cleanup a snap. The stone is also dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy.

5. Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Crisper Pizza Pan

Cooking a pizza at home on your own can be great fun. Add whatever toppings you please, and make sure that you’ll get a piping hot pie and the crispiest crust yet. If you know you’ll be cooking pizzas in your oven a lot, then you might want to try adding a pizza stone to your kitchen. One of the best-selling ones from Wilton will give you pizzeria quality in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Have a pizza-making party at home. The holes in the bottom of this pan give any pizza you cook a nice crispy texture. It is also nonstick so you won’t be scraping pieces of pizza off of this when it’s dinnertime, plus it can also be put in the dishwasher, making cleanup super fast and easy. It’s available as a single pan or in a pack of two.

6. Unicook 10.25-inch Pizza Stone

You can certainly cook personal-sized pizzas on a larger stone, but a smaller stone makes it much more convenient, plus storage is also easier. Even better, you can pick up a couple of these cordierite stones by Unicook—save one for gluten-free or vegan cooking while the other can handle gluten crusts or meaty pizzas. Each stone is 10.25 inches in diameter, so there’s plenty of space for generous personal pizzas, and they can be used together on most standard grills.

These stones are used to cook a variety of pizza types. They’re made of lava and absorb moisture from the dough as they cook to create a crisp, brown, even crust. The stones don’t need to be seasoned, but they will darken over time. Food can be scraped or soaked off them, but soap should be avoided.

7. NerdChef Baking Steel

The Nerd Chef pre-seasoned steel pizza stone is made of steel and coated in flaxseed oil to prevent rust. This baking surface offers 20 times the conductivity and twice the heating capacity of ceramic stones. Once it’s hot, it transfers heat to the crust quickly and evenly for a crisp, evenly browned, blistered crust. It retains its heat well enough so that you can continue to cook multiple pizzas in a row without having to wait for the steel to come back to temperature.

The upside of this material is that it’s extremely durable and will last for years, unlike some other materials. The downside to this is that it’s heavy—it can range from 16 to 32 pounds depending on the thickness. It can be awkward to pull in and out of the oven, according to our reviewer. This steel is guaranteed for life and made in the USA.

8. FibraMent-D Rectangular Home Oven Baking Stone

Baking steels are excellent for creating crispy, golden, slightly charred pizza crusts—but what if you need a heavy metal alternative for baking bread and other pastries? Enter the Fibrament-D Pizza Stone, made from “a patented blend of kiln-fired high temperature and conductive raw materials” (per the manufacturer). The stone is less conductive than steel, which lets you cook loaves of bread and other pastries without burning their bottoms.

To use a pizza stone, it must first be “seasoned” and dried out. This is done through a process commonly known as tempering the stone. This process takes approximately three hours, but once completed, you can use the stone like you would any other pizza stone.

The stone is three-quarters of an inch thick and weighs 20 pounds (15 x 20-inch), making it hefty. Since it never needs to be removed from the oven, you can leave it on the bottom rack. Its weight helps stabilize the oven’s temperature. To clean, scrape away any debris—no washing required.

What to Look for When Buying a Pizza Stone


Ceramic pizza stones, though they may take a while to heat up, cook your pizza evenly and create a crispy crust. They retain heat well, ensuring your baking surface won’t cool down when you lay your pizza dough on top of it. They are lighter than cast iron or steel pizza stones, so they’re ideal for anyone who might find heavier stones too cumbersome when moving them in and out of the oven. Their biggest drawback is that they are susceptible to cracking if handled improperly, but if cared for properly can last for years. Often times they are glazed with a protective finish making them attractive enough to double as serving trays.

Cast iron

This no-frills pizza stone can be used on top of the stove or on the grill, as well as in the oven. Cast iron has great heat retention and also withstands extremely high temperatures. These nearly indestructible pizza stones resist warping, cracking, and shattering and are also resistant to thermal shock if one is careful when handling them after cooking. However, it is always recommended that you cool it down completely before plunging it into cold water. Like most cast iron, this does require some maintenance to keep its surface seasoned. It is a heavy-duty piece that can last a lifetime.


The mineral cordierite is used to make kiln shelves, so it is extremely durable and handles high temperatures extremely well. Pizza stones made from cordierite are typically a bit more costly than other materials, but they are worth it because of their longevity and ease of use. Cordierite pizza stones do need to be pre-heated for at least 30 minutes before use, but they will hold their temperature well and draw moisture away from the dough to leave you with a perfectly crispy crust.


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