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Beginners Guide: What to consider when buying a coffee grinder

For a coffee enthusiast, the right consistency of the coffee beans guarantees the best coffee. Grinding your own coffee beans is the easiest way of getting the finest, freshest, and full-flavored cup of coffee any time.

The best coffee grinding machine will ensure you get the finest coffee. There are several grinder machines on the market to choose from. They are built differently with varying abilities for certain levels of fineness depending on your needs.

These machines are built with different materials and abilities. They can constantly grind coffee beans at various coarseness levels ranging from coarse consistency, medium fineness almost like table salt and fine powdery. These levels will determine how fast the water passes through during the brewing process the coarser the grounds, the faster the water passage, and vice versa.

What to look for in the best coffee grinder

Getting the right machine for all your coffee needs may be a daunting task. There are lots of coffee grinders on the market from various brands that fit their purpose. These small appliances are built to last and may vary in price tags and features to meet the requirements of any coffee making.

It may be challenging to get the best unit for your morning coffee, but this article has singled out the factors you need to consider when choosing the best.

  1. Types of grinders

There are two types of grinders you can choose from:

Burr grinders

Also referred to as the conical grinders. This type is the best in coffee grinding. They spin in low motions at a time for a perfectly consistent coffee ground. The low-speed process is effective in reducing the static energy which may cause coffee grounds stuck in the crevices.

These grinders are the most expensive on the market for their great performances and the cost of manufacturing the grinding cones. If you need the most consistent and fine grounds, the burr grinders got you covered. However, you need to avoid grinding oily coffee beans as they will clog the grinders. The dry beans are the most recommended for better results.

Blade coffee grinders

If you are looking for a simple grinder for all your coffee needs and nothing more, this blade coffee grinder is all you need. They are the most expensive but are simple to use and clean.

However, you may not achieve the finest consistency of coffee grounds and the heat may make the beans bitter, they are average performers. Additionally, their chopping method negatively affects the grounds for espressos and the coarseness is not consistent.

2. Consistency

Since the taste and aroma of your coffee will depend on the size of the particles and the consistency of your beans, it is ideal you get a unit that is known to produce fine and consistent coffee grounds. For more perfect results, ensure you get high-quality beans.

3. Grinder Settings

For an array of coffee types and varieties, there is a need for a grinder with more settings for the right consistency. If you need a grinder with more settings, you got a variety to choose from at a higher cost.

Grinders come in two categories depending on their settings;

Stepless-These grinders are a high-end kind with lots of options to choose from. The wide range of settings are not established in the particular set and allows you to choose from a general criterion.

Stepped– They have an established criterion of settings you need to select before starting your grinding process. This type has an organized setting and they cost more.

4. Budget

For the best coffee grinding, you need a powerful appliance that will perform better. That means, a higher budget of not less than $100 for the burr machine. If your budget is low, you can always get a blade grinder for your coffee needs. However, the cheaper the gadget, the lower the quality of coffee beans’ consistency and durability.

As an investment, the costliest grinders have more features and are made from durable and sturdy materials for long-lasting performance. Additionally, look at the consistency of use. If you are the regular use type, ensure you go for high-quality and expensive appliances for better performance.

5. Speed

Speed is an important factor in getting the right coffee beans´ consistency, but that does not guarantee the durability of your gadget. For a grinder, high-speed motors produce more heat that risks coffee beans burning for poor flavor. For a more perfect result, ensure you control the speed of your machine by starting and stopping in between the grinding process. Unfortunately, this start-and-stop procedure can negatively affect the life of your machine.

For the best coffee beans, ensure you prioritize those with lower grinding speed, normally referred to as direct drive grinders. If you need high-speed machines consider one that has a gear reduction which helps minimize wearing out.

6. Capacity

Ensure you get the right size of grinder for your beans. There are several sizes to choose from depending on how many coffee beans you are grinding. For commercial purposes, ensure it is of a larger capacity to accommodate your customers. For home or office use, there is something for you.

7. Material

The material used in your grinder will determine how long-lasting it will be. Most burr grinders come in stainless steel or ceramic. Stainless steel burrs are most common and work perfectly. However, you may need to replace them after a few years of use. Fortunately, replacing your steel burrs is an easy process as they are readily available.

On the other hand, ceramic burrs are effective for every coffee beans´ fineness you need and normally last longer. These gadgets are costly, but their high-quality performance makes them worthwhile. However, you need to be gentle and avoid sharp objects in the machine as the ceramic tends to break or chip affecting the lifespan. Moreover, replacing this burr is a daunting task.

8. Quiet processing

If you are sensitive to loud noises from your kitchen appliances, you may consider getting a coffee grinder that works quietly. For a noise-free coffee grinding every morning, the conical burr grinders are a must-have as they are quieter than the flat grinders. Getting the right grinder that is best performing and quiet online may be tricky as you do not know the level of noise. It is recommended you read user reviews as the customers and reviewers tend to give an opinion on how a certain product is, in regards to loudness and quietness.

9. Durability

If you are a regular coffee taker, you might need to invest in a coffee grinder that is sturdy and durable. For a long-lasting effect, you may need to get one that is at a high-end price. Most of the costly appliances are built to last with quality material. In this case, the ceramic burr grinders have a longer shelf life compared to the stainless steel.

Blade grinders are effective. However, you may need to replace them after some time use. For more durability, consider getting grinders with direct drive engines compared to those with a high speed as they wear off easily. For a more reformed decision, ensure you are in the know of what other customers are saying.

10. User reviews

What other customers are saying about a particular model or brand may help you in the search for a great coffee grinder. Before getting one, ensure you read reviews from the brand’s page or popular websites such as

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