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Best Fridge Freezer In 2022

Despite the fact that they all perform the same functions, refrigerator-freezers come in a range of designs and sizes.

The first step in buying one of these appliances is determining whether you want a freestanding or built-in model.

The device’s fridge-to-freezer space ratio is another distinguishing feature. Consider how much food your family has in the freezer before deciding on a solution. Also, ensure that you purchase a refrigerator freezer with sufficient storage space.

Once you get passed the kind and storage space differences, the disparities between refrigerators and freezers become less significant. Others are more modern, while others are more conventional. Furthermore, numerous refrigerator-freezers now provide unique features that appeal to specific users, such as smartphone connectivity and frost-free technology.

1.LG Centum GBB92MCBAP 70/30 Fridge freezer

In an ideal world, future refrigerator freezers would look like this.

The LG Centum is a joy to operate, with time-saving features including ice-free compartments that eliminate the need for defrosting. Most importantly, it is incredibly energy efficient, as seen by the A efficiency rating on the appliance, which is a rare distinction.

Despite its attractive appearance, this refrigerator-freezer offers a large storage capacity, with the refrigerated compartment accounting for more than two-thirds of the total volume.

2. Sharp SJ-Ex820F2-SL American fridge freezer

This refrigerator-freezer, despite its beautiful appearance, has a substantial storage capacity, with the chilled compartment accounting for more than two-thirds of the overall volume.

The inside of the doors has deep, broad bottle shelves that are big enough to hold five 1L beverage bottles, which addresses the typical kitchen conundrum of where to keep heavier goods cold.

This fancy refrigerator freezer’s one big flaw is its low energy efficiency, which may be a deal-breaker for those shopping with a long-term budget or the environment in mind.

3. LG Instaview GMX844MCKV Slim American-style smart fridge freezer

A defect in LG’s high-tech refrigerator freezer is tough to find. It not only looks nice and works well, but it also boasts a few unique features not seen in ordinary refrigerators.

Its remote operation, which allows you to set the temperature via a connected smartphone app, is our favorite feature. This could come particularly handy when lowering the temperature before loading things that need to be refrigerated fast, for example.

The “door-in-door” design of this appliance, which effectively means that one of the double doors has an extra fridge section built into it, enabling convenient access to the products you use most regularly, was extremely appealing to us.

4. Beko harvest fresh CFP3691DVW

This model has a lot of fascinating features despite its low price. We were especially pleased by the appliance’s “harvest fresh” technology, which uses illumination to imitate a natural light cycle to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

Another advantage is that the ice dispenser on this refrigerator freezer does not require any plumbing.

5. Bosch series 6 K158AFEOG Integrated 60/40 fridge freezer

The Bosch Series 6 is everything we wanted in a refrigerator freezer: quiet, roomy, and packed with smart technology.

We were especially pleased with the “Freshsense” technology, which uses a sensor system to vary the temperature of the fridge freezer, reducing the chance of food deterioration. The interior of the appliance is beautiful but unremarkable, and the compartment structure is logical and user-friendly.

This style is designed to blend in with your kitchen cupboards, and the doors can open from either side of the appliance.

6. Siemens 1Q700 KF86FPB2A French door fridge freezer

This amazing Siemens fridge freezer boasts a cutting-edge design as well as superior performance and builds quality.

The fridge freezer’s configuration, in our opinion, is the show-stopper here. It contains two freezer drawers and a 0C area for keeping groceries extremely fresh without having to freeze them.

The glass covering on the appliance, which contrasts wonderfully with the textured finish underneath, really drew our attention. The price is the one major drawback, providing you have enough space in your kitchen for this large fridge freezer.

7. Neff N50 K15852SFOG integrated 50/50 fridge freezer

This integrated fridge freezer is one of our favorites, with a sliding hinge that makes it simple to integrate into a kitchen unit.

It’s a simple, practical approach that puts user-friendliness and dependability ahead of high-tech innovation. We would recommend this fridge freezer to folks who want to store a lot of food — possibly after batch cooking — because the freezer area is particularly large and well divided.

8. Smeg right-hand hinge FAB30RRD5UK 70/30 Fridge freezer

Without a Smeg retro stunner, what top fridge freezer list would be complete? This model is a work of art with its well-carved handles, dazzling color, and sleek, classic layout.

This refrigerator-freezer has more than just a lovely face; it’s jam-packed with high-tech features. It uses less energy than other fridge freezers we’ve looked at, and the fridge section is well-lit.

This device has one tiny flaw: it lacks anti-frost technology, so you’ll have to manually defrost it from time to time.

9. Cookology UCFF87 Under counter fridge freezer

This space-saving mini fridge freezer fits neatly under a kitchen counter and provides basic perishable storage while taking up very little space. The appliance looks stunning in this silver colorway, with beverage storage on the back of the door, and its layout makes efficient use of the little space within.

We were impressed by the fact that the doors on this fridge freezer are reversible, which could be a deal-breaker for those looking to optimize their kitchen space.

It should go without saying that this model is only suitable for those who have a little amount of food to store.

10. Swan retro SR11010CN 80/20 Fridge freezer

The Swan flashback series, notably this 80/20 refrigerator freezer, consistently delivers a winning combination of eye-catching vintage style, reliable performance, and good value.

This model’s layout attracted our interest, with ample bottle storage on the inside of the refrigerator door. The traditional cream color is also a strong selling point.

If you’re considering purchasing this refrigerator freezer, keep in mind that it has a small capacity and is best suited to homes of one or two people.

This style is now unavailable, but AO guarantees that it will be available again soon. To be notified as soon as it’s returned, sign up for email updates.

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