September 14


Best Multi-Cookers

By Gladys Wangari

September 14, 2021

  1. Instant pot duo 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker

Electric pressure cookers have today evolved to be much more, making them true multi-cookers. If you want to pressure cook, slow-cook, sauté, steam, bake, sous vide, keep foods warm—and don’t forget pasta and egg modes—it has 48 presets for everything from beans to white rice with buttons for any combination of these.

The Instant Pot™ is your secret weapon for quick, 3-minute meals. The digital panel gives you all the settings for everyday meals, like soup or boiled eggs, or more specialty cooking like yogurt. It automatically releases pressure, and it has special settings that make sautéing vegetables simple.

2. Cuisinart MSC-800 cook central 4-in 1 multi-cooker

This Cuisinart cooking pot is perfect for making meals for big families, or if you like to throw parties, it will give you room to prepare larger quantities. You’ll be able to use it for slow cooking, roasting, browning, and steaming.

The controls are easy to use. You can program it to cook in the slow cooker, the same with browned food, in one pot with settings ranging from low to high. Also, it can be set for slow simmer or warm. The controls are simple with easy-to-use push buttons.

3.De’Longhi Livenza 7 -in -1 multi-cooker

It comes with a removable, dishwasher-safe cooking pot, which makes it easy to clean after cooking. It features three different slow cooking temperatures, an oven bake mode, browning and sautéing, steaming, and rice cooking.

This multi-cooker is a small kitchen appliance that’s packed with features. It can cook a number of things, from yogurt to meat and poultry to eggs. It can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance, and the keep-warm mode has a program for meat and poultry that ensures food doesn’t overcook. The recipe app has 50 recipes designed for this cooker.

4. Hamilton Beach Digital Multi-Cooker

It’s a great option for singles and couples, and for vacation homes, RVs, dorms, and for anyone who wants extra cooking options for parties and extra warmers on the buffet table.

It has settings that are designed to be healthy, including white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, whole grains, soups, steaming vegetables, quinoa, sautéing ingredients, searing food, and warming food.

The basket can be used for rinsing rice and for steaming vegetables while the rice cooks in the pot below. The pot can be washed in a dishwasher, making cleanup quick and easy.

5. All-clad Gourmet Plus Slow Cooker

This slow cooker is made of high-polished stainless steel, and it’s just the right size to feed a crowd. It has seven special cooking modes, meaning your slow cooking recipes will always come out delicious and ready to serve.

This slow cooker has a brand new sleek design and includes useful features. The preheat option is excellent for getting dinner started, and the programmable timer comes in handy on busy days. We put the features you desire in one sleek package, whether you want to braise or steam, brown or simmer. The cooking pot, made from polished HD aluminum is safe to use with metal utensils.

6. KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker

At first glance, the KitchenAid multi-cooker looks like something out of a 1950s’ science fiction movie. It has an intriguing design, somewhat like the child of a toaster and a teakettle, with a jaunty lid and handy side handles. The control panel is arranged in a neat circle with settings for rice, soup, skillet, stew, and slow cook.

The addition of the stir tower gives you the ability to make perfect risotto every time, or perfectly cooked onions. The stir tower has three speeds for constant stirring and two intermittent modes so it can be customized to what’s cooking. With its 4-quart pot, you can make enough for an entire family. Plus it’s not just for stews and side dishes. You can use it to cook oatmeal in the morning or even poach a batch of eggs.


User-friendliness: Pressure cookers are complicated machines. They can have lots of intimidating shapes and sounds. We looked for models with simple interfaces that are easy to use right out of the box, with big icons that show exactly what’s happening during cooking.

Versatility: Most people don’t realize that pressure cookers can also double as slow cookers and rice cookers. This is why we looked for electric models with as many temperature and pressure settings as possible, so we could fine-tune every meal.

Materials and construction: The cooking pot or insert is removable. We prefer uncoated stainless steel pots because nonstick coatings will wear off over time, which is why we like stainless steel pots in particular.

Warranty and replaceable parts: All the pieces that are critical to the product’s operation are covered for one year, including the digital display, heating element, dishwasher rack, tub housing, etc. That means if something goes wrong with any of these pieces within one year of your purchase, we’ll replace the part at no charge. And if it turns out that replacing a broken part is inconvenient or too expensive, you can return the product for a full refund.

What size multi cooker should I buy?

It depends on the size of your household. If you’re cooking for one or two people, you should be fine with 1.4 liters. If you’re cooking for four to five people, 4 liters is enough.

How much should I spend?

When it comes to multi cookers, if you’re looking for one that can perform well in pressure cooking mode, but accidentally choose one that is not so good at slow cooking or frying, you will find yourself frustrated.

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