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Best Rice Cookers

An adaptable grain with a large global market and a vast range of variants is rice. It may be a whole dinner on its own, a side dish, or the foundation for a wide range of dishes, including grain bowls, jambalaya, stir-fries, and much more.

Even while cooking rice on the stovetop is quite simple (you only need water and rice, generally in a 2:1 ratio), it is also very simple to under- or overcooks your rice. If you’ve ever burned rice on a skillet or questioned why your rice is too mushy and soft, then you know that making a pot of rice demands painstaking time and attention.

With a rice cooker, you can prepare a pot of fluffy rice with the ideal texture without guessing or child care. The majority of models can also prepare no-stir risotto and can cook other grains including oats, quinoa, or polenta. Think about a rice cooker’s capacity and cooking features for the amounts and types of rice you frequently eat before making a purchase.

  1. Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer

What we like

  • Changes made automatically
  • Retractable power cord built-in
  • cooks various grain
  • Simple inner lid removal

what we don’t like

  • The slowest rice cooker currently in production
  • The timer does not display continuously
  • The inside handles warm up.

Some of the most popular and well-known rice manufacturers are made by Zojirushi. The fact that this model is portable and equipped with computer chip technology to produce precisely cooked rice pots earns it our best rating. The 5.5-cup and 10-cup versions of the Neuro Fuzzy series are offered in two distinct sizes for regular entertaining and large families.

Brown rice, semi-brown rice, sushi rice, mixed rice, porridge, sweet rice, and plain white rice are all available as options. Additionally, there are options for rapid cooking, white rice grains that are firmer or softer, and no pre-rinsing. Using the brown rice option, it takes an astounding hour and 30 minutes to cook two cups of brown rice. Despite all, the flawless outcomes justify the lengthy cooking time.

The interior of the nonstick cooking pot has measures indicated so you can immediately calculate how much water to put for various varieties of rice. Additionally, the pot incorporates stay-cool handles for carrying hot rice to the table. Two measuring cups, a rice scooper, a spoon holder, a carrying handle, a retractable cable, an LCD timer, and a detachable inner cover for deeper cleaning are some more noteworthy features.

2. Zojirushi Induction Heating System Rice Cooker and Warmer

what we like

  • Ideal rice cooker
  • User-friendly
  • can cook a variety of rice

what we don’t like

  • significant countertop footprint
  • Incompatible with dishwasher

This rice cooker employs induction heating, which consistently warms the pan’s bottom, sides, and lid while offering exact temperature control, regardless of the type of rice you’re cooking. It offers settings for a variety of rice varieties, including standard, softer, and harder white rice as well as brown rice, GABA brown rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, and porridge. A single batch of uncooked rice may be up to 5.5 cups.

A classic buzzer, a song, or quiet mode are the three ways the rice cooker may alert you when the rice is finished cooking. The rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and a nonstick coating on the cooking pot for simple cleanup.

3. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

what we like

  • easy to use
  • You may put accessories in the dishwasher.
  • Affordable

what we don’t like

  • Even little amounts are heated slowly
  • In a warm environment, overheating rice

The Hamilton Beach rice cooker comes with a detachable nonstick cooking pot and a basket for cleaning rice or steaming meals within. Eight cups of cooked rice may be stored in it, which is sufficient to feed a sizable crowd. According to users, it consistently produces wonderful rice.

Throughout the process, just bear in mind that cooking takes 45 minutes for all batch sizes. When the rice has finished cooking, the stove automatically changes to the keep-warm setting. However, several users said that if the warm option was used for a lengthy amount of time, the rice towards the pot’s edge would overcook.

In addition to rice, vegetables, shrimp, and whole grains can also be steamed in the steamer basket. For simple cleanup, the cover can be taken off and hand cleaned. The steaming basket and cooking bowl may also be put in the dishwasher. It is simple to move or store thanks to its carrying handle.

4. Aroma Housewares 8 cups Rice and Grain Cooker

what we like

  • Compact
  • Budget-friendly
  • Keep-warm feature

what we don’t like

  • provides just white and brown choices

It is lauded for being reasonably priced, easy to use, and the perfect size for the majority of homes. This rice cooker is one of the models with the highest sales. Being only about 10 inches tall by 8.9 inches wide, it won’t take up much on worktops or in cupboards.

It can cook up to 8 cups of cooked rice at once and includes settings for both white and brown rice. A warming mode is activated after the rice has finished cooking to keep it at the ideal serving temperature. The revised pot of this cooker’s most recent model is composed of bonded granite for increased durability, nonstick cooking, and simple dishwasher cleanup.

5. Panasonic 5-cup one-touch Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

what we like

  • the removably attached power wire
  • Auto-shutoff and keep-warmth features
  • Nonstick interior

what we don’t like

  • When the rice is done, there is no bell.
  • No timer

Another intelligent rice cooker, this one with a microprocessor changes its power consumption based on how much rice is being cooked. Rice will always be cooked to perfection if you follow these directions, whether you’re cooking for your complete family or just yourself.

Despite the fact that the cooker is a smart model, the symbols on the buttons allow you to choose between cooking white rice, brown rice, porridge, soup, or meals in the quick-cooking or steaming modes. It includes an automatic shutdown and can keep cooked rice at a comfortable temperature for up to 12 hours.

A measuring cup, a steaming basket, and a rice paddle are included with the cooker. The internal bowl includes a nonstick coating for simple cleaning, and the power wire is removable for storage and safety.

6. Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

what we like

  • Use on any cooktop
  • Simple to clean
  • Integrated help handling

what we don’t like

  • demands assembly that is unconventional.

Rice may be cooked in a regular pot, but a pressure cooker simplifies and expedites the process because it can cook food up to 10 times quicker than conventional methods. Even better for your wallet and storage space is a commonplace multi-purpose appliance like a stovetop pressure cooker. If the pot is not under pressure, it may be used like a regular saucepan.

This has a six-quart capacity and is made of stainless steel, which is rustproof, nonreactive, and stain-resistant. It may be used on any burner, even induction burners, and has an assist handle to make moving it simple.

During pressure cooking, the pressure regulator automatically maintains the correct cooking pressure, and the cover locks firmly with a sealing ring when pressure is applied, keeping the steam within the cooker. An overpressure stopper releases the pressure when it becomes unsafely high. The dishwasher makes it easy to clean the saucepan.

7. Aroma Housewares 20-cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

what we like

  • The pot is dishwasher-safe and features a nonstick inside.
  • The delay timer is contained

what we don’t like

  • A polypropylene steam tray is used.

In addition to presets for cooking white and brown rice, the rice cooker has settings for steaming and slow cooking. Use the steaming tray that is also provided while the rice is cooking. To make a one-pot dinner, place meat or vegetables on the tray. The steam from the rice will be used to cook the extra items.

You may prepare your rice and cooking water in the morning and set the cooker to begin cooking later in the day thanks to the 15-hour delay timer so that your rice will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive home.

8. Sistema 2.6L Microwave Rice Cooker

what we like

  • Useful and tidy
  • Affordable
  • This may be used to steam vegetables.

what we don’t like

  • There is no lid to close.
  • No handles

This microwave cooker is ready to make delicious rice in your microwave for a quick method of cooking rice without the need for yet another piece of countertop equipment.

The 11-cup capacity cooker makes enough rice for the entire family, and the steamer and pressure chamber combination ensures consistently fluffy rice. While cooking, locking clamps hold the lid in place while mess-free steam vents let steam out. Once cooking is finished, side tabs keep the cooker cold and make removing it from the microwave simple. The plastic used to make the cooker is BPA-free.

What to look for in a rice cooker

The capacity-Most forms of rice expand to contain double that amount when cooked, and the typical rice cooker’s capacity is measured in cups.

Presets-In addition to presets for various varieties of rice, many rice cookers have options that let you make your rice rougher or softer than typical. On the other hand, simple cookers could only have an on/off toggle and no further controls.

Extra features-Certain appliances may be used to steam vegetables or fish as well as cook various kinds of rice and as slow cookers for vegetables. These added functions could make a rice cooker more practical if you don’t routinely make rice.

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