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Best Smoothie Makers

Making smoothies at home is a quick and easy method to get your five a day. It might also be healthier than purchasing ready-made alternatives that are high in sugar.

You’ll be churning out healthy fruit and vegetable-packed smoothies with a smoothie maker in your home.

Is a smoothie maker the same as a blender?

The main difference between a smoothie maker and a blender is that smoothie makers, sometimes known as “personal blenders,” are designed to prepare smaller batches of smoothies, hence decreasing food waste.

Their jugs are usually meant to transform into cups, so just snap on the lid and go. Smoothie makers are easier to clean and take up less space than blenders, but because of their tiny size, they are frequently less powerful.

Blenders, on the other hand, are larger (with a larger base unit and a pouring jug) and can perform a wider range of culinary tasks, including puréeing vegetables for soups and sauces. They generally come with more power and speed settings.

Smoothie maker’s key features:

size: Depending on whether you want a fast smoothie for one or are churning out mixtures for the whole family, our top tried-and-true smoothie makers range in size from 0.47 liters to 0.93 liters.

speed: Many smoothie machines just have a single-speed setting, which starts when you attach the jug to the motor. Vacuum blending technology, which enhances flavor, preserves nutrients, and keeps contents fresh for longer, is one option.

multiple functions: Some smoothie makers, like our two winners, feature a variety of options that allow you to customize the blending of your ingredients for the best taste, color, and texture. These multi-functional appliances are more expensive and take up more room on your kitchen counter.

what is vacuum blending?

Vacuum blending technology is used in certain smoothie machines, which promises to lock in vitamins, retain nutrients, and improve the overall mix and flavor of your creations.

Your smoothie will look brighter, have a lighter texture, and taste better than a conventional blend of the same recipe even after many hours. During our testing, we noticed that the components did not separate or create a thick, frothy layer after a few hours, as is characteristic of conventional machine mixes.

  1. Ninja Foodi power Nutri blender 2 in 1 with smart torque & auto IQ CB100UK

This powerful appliance scored nearly full ratings due to capabilities that go much beyond a normal smoothie maker’s easy stop and start function. The Nutri Bowl attachment is ideal for thicker smoothie bowls or nut butter, and it has four pre-programmed modes: blend, smash, mix, and powder mix.

In our tests, it consistently produced well-blended drinks, cutting through the roughest apple peels. It crushed ice cubes without leaving large chunks but had a hard time with raspberry seeds. It stayed put on our surface because of its sturdy non-slip feet, albeit it required a lot of energy to get it off.

2. NINJA Blender with auto-IQ BN495UK

This smoothie machine can handle just about everything. Its two blending cups can each accommodate 600ml of liquid, and the measurement scale on the side comes in handy. The lids did not leak, so you may safely keep your drink in your luggage for on-the-go drinking. Dishwasher-safe cups, lids, and blades are also included.

This user-friendly equipment outperformed the competition, effortlessly pulverizing even the most difficult raspberry seeds to produce silky smooth beverages in seconds. Its two preset programs and LED countdown timer eliminate the guesswork from achieving the perfect mix every time.

3.NutriBullet 1000 series

To blend, simply twist down the jug of this smoothie maker, and its clever technology will take care of the rest, recognizing when the blades need to speed up or slow down. It regularly mixed evenly in tests, with just the raspberry seeds escaping unharmed. It just has one setting, which is surprising given its price, but it’s otherwise hard to blame.

Our expert was especially impressed by its durable travel cup. It’s the ideal commuting buddy, made of brushed aluminum and with a rubber grip. Its jug is also rather large, with enough for many serves.

4. NutriBullet balance

This smoothie maker scored well in each test, blending smoothly and consistently. It contains built-in scales, which compute the weight and nutritional value of each ingredient as you add it. This worked well for measuring solid materials, but not so well for liquids.

The app has a large number of recipes, and the two 930ml cups that come with it are dishwashing safe.

5. Sage Boss To Go

This quality blender is simple yet effective. It’s simple to use; simply press down on the cup and select full intensity or pulse for smooth results.

It didn’t explode berry seeds and missed a bit of pineapple in our green smoothie, but it stayed put on the counter and was easy to clean. It came with a recipe book that was quite thorough. However, we wish at least one of the cups had measurement marks.

6.Vonshef ultraBlend smoothie maker

With this simple machine, you can make delicious concoctions in 30 seconds or less; simply mix smoothies directly into the leakproof 500ml or 800ml plastic cups (included).

It pulverized difficult items like seeds and ice with ease and blended fresh greens to perfection in our tests. It’s well-suited to tiny kitchens because of its compact design and non-slip feet, and it’s great value for money.

7. Breville VBL241 Blend Active Blender Compact Food Blender

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a star performance; this little smoothie maker was easy to set up and operate, crushed ice quickly, and blended even the most fibrous components. It had trouble pulverizing berry seeds, but so did the majority of the models tested.

The measurement indicators were easy to see, and the lid poured even the thickest smoothies smoothly, but you must keep the blend button pressed while using it.

8. Nutri Ninja QB3001UK

This smoothie maker is strong despite its little size. It’s easy to use, great value for money, and performed well in our testing, blending ice, cereals, and harder fruits (such as apples and grapes) with ease.

However, the raspberries were not completely pulverized, leaving a tiny crunch in an otherwise smooth drink. It does, however, take up very little counter space, and the two 470ml cups are thin and simple to store.

9.Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender

Smoothie makers aren’t very quiet, but at 89 decibels (six less than the average), this one shouldn’t bother you as much. Its elegant design clearly marks measures down the length of the jug, and it blended and crushed effectively, leaving no bits behind. It fought with seeds once more.

Our tester loved how the pre-programmed smoothie routine doesn’t involve holding anything down, so you can just turn it on and wait. It came to a complete stop after 40 seconds and mixed smoothly. Unless we held it down, the base moved somewhat during usage, but the travel lid’s locking feature proved to be solid.

10.NutriBullet 1200

The Nutribullet 1200 is an excellent all-around machine. It smoothly processes a wide range of fruits, nuts, ice, and oats and comes with a recipe book. The pre-programmed blending operations automatically turn off the motor when the smoothie is finished, making it simple to operate. You may also go with a longer, continuous mix.

Each of the large-capacity cups holds 930ml, making them excellent for making numerous servings at once. They are, however, bulky to hold. The cup with a handle was more pleasant to hold.

11.Promixx Miixr X7 Smoothie Blender

If you’re looking for a present for a fitness enthusiast, this smoothie maker would be a good choice, since our expert thought the blades were well-suited to blending in protein powders. It also has a substantial capacity, and the broad drinking nozzle on the jug didn’t clog in our tests, even with the thickest of smoothies.

Our mixed fruit medley was wonderfully blended, however, the other beverages were a little uneven. Experimenting with the ‘on’ and ‘pulse’ settings may help you find the perfect blend, and it crushed ice with ease.

12. Moulinex Blender High Speed & Smoothie To Go Personal

This smoothie machine is simple and straightforward, with only one set. Because you can’t turn it on, you’ll have to keep pressing the one button until your drink is completely mixed.

Despite their simple design, the blades were powerful enough to easily break ice crystals. However, they failed to provide some of our smoothies, including mixed fruit and citrus smoothies, as well as slightly lumpy berry and green smoothies. Cutting your fruit into smaller pieces should assist.

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