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Best Wine Openers

Because there are so many ways to open a bottle of wine, choosing the ideal one depends on your personal tastes, interests, and skills.

  1. Oster Silver Electric Wine Opener

why we like it

  • Cheap
  • A small amount of space is available on the counter.
  • Sustained charge

why we don’t like it

  • less durable than alternative options
  • Only a 12-month warranty is offered.
  • The learning curve is not too steep at first.

One of the best in its class is the Oster cordless electric opener. Its straightforward design, compact charging station, and affordable price make it the ideal option for anyone who wants to perform a task quickly and painlessly.

This opener comes with a foil cutter for easy foil removal and an unobstructed, transparent canvas for effortless opening. Just place the device on top of the cork, switch it on, and let it handle the rest, as with other electric wine openers. It is perfect for large parties and festivities since you can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge (which lasts between six and eight hours).

2. Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew

why we like it

  • very simple and easy to use
  • utilizing a standard USB charger
  • little and compact

why we don’t like it

  • The more expensive end
  • easily breakable
  • Applying the right pressure may be challenging at first.

You should use Rabbit’s well-known electric corkscrew if you wish to minimize physical effort (and do so tastefully). Open the top of your favorite bottle to reveal the built-in cutter when you’re ready to drink, then take off the foil cap. Before use, charge it up; a full charge lasts around 30 corks. The device should then be placed atop the bottle’s neck and lowered onto the cork until it begins to automatically work its magic and gently detach the cork.

This electric corkscrew, the first of its kind, works with all types of cork.

3. Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew

why we like it

  • portable and compact
  • easy to understand and utilize
  • l

why we don’t like it

  • Costlier than comparable fashions
  • The foil cutter can come undone.

This antique wine key is another great all-arounder that is practical, inexpensive, and fashionable. Due to its two-step construction and grooved screw, the Waiter’s Friend corkscrew is well-liked by both bartenders and home drinkers. It is made by the renowned French cookware firm Le Creuset. Travel through the cork is intended to be as seamless and vertical as possible in this way.

Most corkscrews made to the waiter’s buddy design are quite useful and appropriate for all cork kinds. They could also be small enough to fit in a pocket or bag.

4. Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System

why we like it

  • stops oxidation
  • allows you to just drink one or two glasses at once
  • Simple to transport and store

why we don’t like it

  • Costly products and refills
  • only effective with natural cork
  • Broken needles are common.

The Coravin technique, a pioneer in wine preservation, accesses wine without opening the bottle by using a needle and an inert gas (argon). Because cork is a self-healing substance and will seal back up when the needle is removed, this is crucial.

5.Oxo Steel Winged Corkscrew

why we like it

  • Easy to use and comfy
  • works with any cork type
  • Effortless, practical design

why we don’t like it

  • A plastic body is less robust than one made entirely of metal.
  • Unpredictable quality of foil cutters

A wing corkscrew, which can be recognized by a pair of levers on either side of the worm, is another device that takes little physical effort to extract a cork.

It substantially reduces uncertainty: The corkscrew will be inserted into the cork’s center at the correct angle and parallel to the bottle thanks to this mechanism. Additionally, because corkscrews frequently feature a blade-style design, there is less chance of shattering a cork that may have dried up.

It does require some work to use this technique because the wings put in the majority of the effort to drag the cork out.

6. Oxo Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

why we like it

  • practically painless to use
  • Small and convenient to store
  • Portable

why we don’t like it

  • More expensive than alternatives
  • Has to be hand-washed
  • The foil cutter is less efficient than alternative methods.

With only two simple motions, this lever corkscrew enables you to quickly open your wine without straining or pushing. This one tool can cover all of your needs thanks to its compact size and internal changeable foil cutter. There won’t be much room on your kitchen counter for it.

Its sleek shape makes even the trickiest corks pop out with ease: Simply place the nonstick screw into a real or fake cork, and then rapidly remove the cork by depressing and repressing the lever. Meanwhile, the ergonomic handle prevents your grip from slipping.

Although you shouldn’t need this OXO model for very long because it is of such high quality, it does come with one extra screw in case it does.

7.Turquoise Laguiole En Aubrac Waitress Corkscrew Wine Opener

why we like it

  • Elegant and timeless design
  • a basic and time-tested mechanism
  • High-quality and long-lasting

why we don’t like it

  • really pricey
  • It must be carefully maintained and cleaned.

This finely carved antique corkscrew is not only a great way to open wine with style, but it will also improve the appearance of your dining space. This premium wine opener is a creation of the illustrious Laguiole cutlery firm, founded in France in 1829.

This wonderful item features a gorgeous blue stone handle and dependable Sandvik stainless steel. It is entirely crafted by a single master cutler. It is decorated with the artist’s own characteristic details. It is the perfect gift for the serious wine fan in your life because of the sleek storage box and user-friendly waiter’s corkscrew.

8. Lund London Skittle Waiters Friend

why we like it

  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • comes in a number of lovely color combinations.
  • both excellent and reasonable

why we don’t like it

  • demands some manual labor
  • If you’re unfamiliar with the waiter’s friend style, there may be a learning curve.

This contemporary corkscrew in the classic waiter’s companion shape is as attractive as a wine opener gets. Whether you display it on your home bar or bring it to festive gatherings, it will be a topic of conversation. Recyclable and recycled materials were used in the packaging. You don’t have to charge it or figure out any intricate gimmicks, and it is completely gimmick-free.

Its three striking color combinations—indigo and white, sky blue and light grey, and pink and mint—allow you to perfectly match it with your décor. This gorgeous corkscrew was made with premium metals, guaranteeing that it will survive as long as its traditional style.

What To Look For.

Easy to use-If you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur who opens bottles on a regular basis, you may choose a simple design like the waiter’s friend or a corkscrew with wings. If you find these manual options difficult to use, go for an electric corkscrew or one that automates much of the job.

Features-Think about whether your wine opener needs any additional features, such as a built-in or removable foil cutter or an additional screw for prolonged use. If you decide on an electric wine opener, consider whether you would like a battery-operated model or one that has to be charged on a wall mount.

Durability-If you want to use a wine opener regularly, choose one that can withstand a lot of wear and tear over time. If you just don’t drink much wine, this might not matter to you as much as other things like ease of use.

Size-If you have a little space or want a wine opener you can carry with you everywhere you go, choose a smaller model. However, if you have adequate room on the kitchen counter or in your home bar setting, feel free to choose a larger model, especially if it has a fashionable design that you would like to display with pride.

Design-If aesthetics are important to you, get a wine opener you can proudly display on your home bar. It’s a simple approach to adding a stylish touch to your design while fusing elegance and functionality. If you need something to carry about with you, you want a smaller, simpler, more cheap design because you’re more likely to leave it behind.


Are Electric Wine Openers Easier To Use?

For those who have trouble with their strength or dexterity, electric wine openers are an excellent alternative because they need little to no effort. They are also useful if you need to open a number of bottles rapidly (during a party, for instance). Some oenophiles prefer manual styles, particularly the traditional waiter’s friend because they are straightforward, portable, inexpensive, and quick and easy to use once you get the hang of the technique. However, electric wine openers can be a great option if you are unfamiliar with manual corkscrews.

How Do You Care And Clean For Wine Openers?

Each wine opener will have unique maintenance instructions based on its characteristics. Electric corkscrews should only ever be cleaned with a damp cloth and never submerged in water. If they are made of more delicate, fine materials, manual corkscrews can be hand-washed and rapidly dried. If they are made of more durable materials, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. If you put your corkscrew in the dishwasher, the foil cutter may lose its cutting ability over time.

How Long Do Wine Openers Last?

Basic waiter’s pals and winged corkscrews tend to be the most durable because of their square design and frequent usage of sturdy materials. Electric wine openers are more likely to sustain damage over time, and they commonly stop charging altogether. Most electric models will need to be changed in one to three years. Of course, a lot depends on how frequently you use your wine opener.

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