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Buyers Guide when buying Refrigerators

By aseyo nadiah

August 2, 2021

Getting a new refrigerator or replacing your dead one may be tricky. Selecting a unique and powerful unit may require more than the looks or design. They come in different forms, designs, price tags, colors, features, and convenience.

Fridges are an essential part of any kitchen. They are effective for preserving food and other items, leaving them fresh. They may ratchet up your energy bills, but they are the best at what they do. 

You will find many brands of refrigerators on the market to meet your needs. However, it may be a daunting task getting the best as they all claim to be the best. Knowing what you need may help you make the right choice. 

What to look for when purchasing the perfect fridge

You have to look at various aspects before you consider getting the refrigerator for your needs. Consider the following;

1. Efficiency

To save on energy bills, consider using one with the Energy star rating.  In most cases, the most advanced fridge filled with extra features and complicated design may mean more energy use. Fortunately, the recent insulation and compressors improvements have reduced the energy levels used by the new generation refrigerators. This Energy Star feature not only reduces the amount of energy used but also minimizes the carbon footprint leading to climate protection.

2. Budget

The many refrigerator options may tempt you to break your bank. Ensure you get a model that fits your needs and is comfortable on your pocket. Several models work effectively at a lower price but have basic features. If you need a more advanced model with lots of features, compare the prices and get the best quality for your convenience.

3. Type of the refrigerators

Most refrigerators are built to handle almost the same tasks, but there may be varying configuration, performance, and durability. Depending on the type of task and user needs, consider space, design, number of doors, capacity, and much more.

Here are the common types of refrigerators on the market:

  • Top-freezer

This compact and affordable refrigerator is the most common model. It features a main fridge on the below section, a small freezer at the top. It’s not much into the design but a basic look that is ideal for preserving food. 

With no additional features, this model is effective for small sizes. However, that does not mean large items cannot be accommodated. The limited storage space may require customized shelves for better organization and room for more items.

  • Bottom-freezer

If you are after a refrigerator that will store more of the fresh produce other than frozen foods, this model is the best. It features a freezer at the bottom, while the chiller section is at the top.  You can easily store your fresh produce at the top.

For larger spaces, consider getting one that works as a drawer while adding baskets for easy organization. However, accessing frozen food may be tricky.

  • Side by side

This model is costly and is characterized by narrow doors laid out side by side opening outwards. The freezer and chiller sections are alongside each other. It has equal storage on both sides, and it is a perfect choice for people who love accessing the freezer and the normal fridge side at an eye-level or have a narrow kitchen. 

If you need more features such as ice-makers and touch controls, this amazing model is all you need. However, the narrow compartments make it not suitable for larger items. 

This model is a perfect choice for people with mobility issues or who find it difficult bending or standing on tools to help reach items in the fridge.

  • French Door

For an advanced and costlier model, the French-door is your go-to refrigerator type. It has a combination of the side by side and the bottom freezer. It features two doors opening outwards and the freezer at the bottom. Some more advanced come with an additional drawer at the middle.

This model is loaded with features and has a unique and fantastic compartment section for smaller and larger items. There are a variety of colors you can choose from.

For effective preservation and less cold air escape when opening the door, the narrow door swing and several divided compartments do the trick.

  • Built-in

This model is far beyond the freestanding types of refrigerators. They are custom-made to blend with the look of any kitchen. Acquiring one means an extra dip in the pocket due to their unique design and performance.

  • Cabinet-Depth

This is a cheaper version of the built-in models. They have an integrated look that protrudes slightly beyond the cabinet. It has a compromised depth and has a lesser capacity than any other.

4. Storage

It is ideal to get a refrigerator to meet your family´s needs and space in your kitchen. There are various types of refrigerators with different capacities. Depending on the items you need to preserve, consider getting one that fits. Some fridges take lots of kitchen space considering the exterior width and depth and may not fit while others do. 

If you need more storage, there are those models which feature flex-shelves, crisper bins, and customizable shelves for larger and more items. The French-door model has a more sophisticated design and larger capacity but costs a fortune.

5. Finishes

Most people are more into the compatibility of their gadgets and appliances to their décor. Refrigerators from various brands come in different finishes to meet your needs. Since you will be accessing it frequently, you may need to have a beautiful unit. 

Here are the common finishes;

  • Plain black or White

Matching a white or black fridge finish is simple as they complement easily. These classic finishes come at an affordable price and are common.

  • Stainless

This metallic look on any stainless-steel refrigerator is heavenly. They are easy to clean as most feature smudge-proof, which minimizes the sticking of fingerprints and dirt. You only need to wipe, and it’s clean as new.

  • Black stainless steel

Maintaining this refrigerator is simple. They resist fingerprints and the sticking of dirt or liquids. Few brands have this convenient finish that is easy to clean and blends perfectly with most décor. However, ensure you do not use any magnets near the fridge as they stick. This may then lead to scratching and peeling, a challenge for proper maintenance.

  • Other colors

Some brands come in broad colors to meet your needs. The color, however, does not affect the performance and capability of a refrigerator.

6. Features

A great new refrigerator requires more features for excellent performance, value, and effectiveness.  However, more features mean a higher price tag. Ensure you look for a unit that has the features you need for an average appliance that fulfills all the basic tasks.  Some sophisticated models come with adjustable shelves for easier organization, in-door water, and ice dispensers, air filters, or drawers.

7. Size

Ensure you get the right size for your kitchen space. Most refrigerators are designed to fit between two counters. It is important you measure the width and look at the unit’s depth with its door swing. You do not have to return your refrigerator because it did not fit the counter cutout. Most built-in models can easily be customized to fit the décor and blend with other cabinets.   User reviews

8. User reviews

To know the appliance, you are buying, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of what you are buying. Not all refrigerators have the best results in maintaining the proper temperatures for food safety. It is important to check out reviews from experts and users to learn more about the performance, reliability, features, and capabilities. Recommendations from family and friends may be the most valuable and accurate.   

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