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Buyers guide when choosing a Cappuccino maker

By aseyo nadiah

July 12, 2021

Buyers guide when choosing a Cappuccino maker

A quality cup of cappuccino will not only depend on your experience but a user-friendly machine. There are several brands on the market which manufacture gadgets that have varying features, capabilities, purpose, styles, sizes and costs.

Whether it’s your first time or not, making the right decision for the perfect Cappuccino machine may be a daunting task. There are various choices on the market to choose from. Different brands claim to be the best but that is not a guarantee of quality and performance.

We are here to ease your search journey for making the right choice to meet your needs. Here is what to consider:

1. Type of Cappuccino makers

There are several types of coffee makers on the market to meet your every coffee need. They vary in functionality, purpose, budget and quantity of coffee.

  • Manual machines
  • These great machines use a lever to help boost pressure needed for coffee extraction. They are aesthetically perfect and are common on the market, but they are not the perfect choice if you need a quick cappuccino cup.  They take a lot of time during brewing as you may need to use a lot of effort.

  • Semi-automatic
  • Most semi-automatic machines come with digital displays, pre-grinding, temperature control, programmable buttons and pre infusion functions to help turn your brewing process into a great experience with less effort. 

    However, these machines are equipped with tools to make the process easier and fast, you got a fair share of the task in your hands. Semi-automatic are the best if you need to make your own cappuccino drink.

  • Fully automatic machine
  • These machines are amazing as they do not allow you t work on them. You simply ensure they have coffee and water then start the process with a simple touch of a button. 

  • Capsule machine
  • Capsule makers are the best if you are for less or no effort with little messes when creating a cappuccino drink. All you need to do is insert your preferred flavor of capsule into the machine and wait for your tasty and full-flavored cup of cappuccino. However, you may need to get the right capsule depending on the model of machine you have.

    2. Durability

    A great coffee machine should be strong to handle your required coffee needs. If you are looking for a professional built gadget, ensure it has all the power to make coffee the entire day without any malfunctioning.

    Everyday cappuccino and espresso making will need a unit that can handle lots of pressure as well as hold more coffee beans. For an average use, consider getting budget-friendly machines. However, the cheap units tend to overheat and break easily.

    For more durability, look at the body of the unit you need. A stainless-steel make is ideal for long-lasting brewing. However, watch out for low quality materials used in the interior and exterior of the machines as they break easily or rust after some time.

    3. Cost

    There are several cappuccino machines on the market with varying price tags. Depending on your skill level and user needs, you have more to choose from. Consider getting a unit that is functional and user friendly without compromising on the quality. Ensure you get a machine that is within your budget. If you are looking for professional and business machines, you may need to invest more in a reliable and powerful unit with integrated features. For regular cappuccino, latte or espresso making, it may be ideal you start with the budget units.

    Since the cost of the cappuccino machine is represented by the number of features, maintenance cost, accessories and brand, do not feel left out if you are on a tight budget. You can always get budget-friendly units whose quality brewing and consistency of coffee surpasses those from the upper level.

    4. Purpose

    The purpose for your machine should help you determine your ideal unit. You should more concentrate on the user needs to get a machine that works best. If you need a professional unit for your business/café, consider getting the powerful, reliable, user friendly, bulkier and costlier machines with more features. For home cappuccino brewing, the compact, powerful and functional units are ideal. However, you may be overwhelmed with the variety of brands to select from, get one that meets its purpose.

    5. Features

    Different brands come with varying features to give you a great coffee making process. Depending on your user needs, you shout ascertain what features you need in your unit for great user experience. Here are features you need to look for:

  • Milk frother
  • A cappuccino coffee is not complete without a milk frother. Some brands come with automatic frothing system that allow you steam/froth milk and ensure your cappuccinos are topped off with a thick layer of micro-form once you brew your coffee.

    Others feature a built-in steam wand or separate milk frother that allows you froth/steam the milk with ease.

    It is ideal you get a machine with a frothing system or consider investing in a separate milk frother to add life to your cappuccinos.

  • Water Reservoir
  • Depending on your frequent cappuccino making, ensure you get a machine with a water reservoir that works best for your needs. If your demand is small, its ideal you go with a small water tank.

    On other hand, if you make frequent coffee or you have a family who love coffee, you should consider a machine with a larger water reservoir to save you from frequent brewing process to meet everyone’s coffee needs.

  • Auto shut off feature
  • If you are more forgetful when it comes to switching off your machines, ensure it comes with the auto shut off function. With this, you are sure of electricity saving and safety.

    6. Easy Maintenance

    Any coffee making process should be easy and fast, but also low maintenance. This is in terms of cleaning. Nobody loves a unit that takes longer and is difficult to clean. Ensure you find out how simple the cappuccino/espresso machine is to assemble and disassemble the parts.  Removing the parts ensures you have the entire parts to clean effectively for quality operation.

    For optimum functionality, the milk frother, water receptacle, cups and the whole body of your unit should be cleaned and dried.

    If you need a longer service with great coffee making experience, consider cleaning your gadget using the right soap. You will enjoy a fresh cup of coffee if you rinse your unit effectively.

    7. Size

    There are several espresso and cappuccino machines on the market with different sizes. You can select one depending on their functionality and storage options you have. For a more coffee size and regular use, a larger machine is what you need.

    If you have a smaller storage area it is ideal you consider a compact unit for convenience and safety. For larger cabinet or counter space, a large cappuccino and espresso machine should be perfect.

    8. Capacity

    When getting a convenient unit, ensure it holds enough water for your required coffee needs. Always check for the capacity of water and how many cups your machine is capable of holding at a go. Many cappuccino machines are powerful enough to make 1 to 12 cups of coffee at a time. Ensure you get one that fits your coffee quantity each time you bring Java home.

    9. Your Brewing skills

    This is a great factor when getting the perfect unit. You need to evaluate your level in coffee making. If you are a beginner it will be ideal you get a budget-friendly machine that has few features and complex running.  A cheaper version may save you from making crappy and tasteless cappuccinos.  You do not want to invest in an expensive machine if you don’t have knowledge to use it for production of quality coffee drinks. If you advance your skills, spending on a machine that goes beyond the $1200 budget sounds great.

    On the other hand, if you are a pro, get a unit that is able to give you the best brewing experience full of freedom and quality cappuccino drinks every time.

    Lastly, if you are still confused on getting what really works for you, consider doing your own homework and read user reviews.

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