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June 24


Examples of Non-dairy milk and what to consider before opting for it

By Aurelia Muhanji

June 24, 2021

Many people are opting for non-dairy milk as a substitute for normal cow and goat milk that has been in existence for a long time. Companies are cropping up to deal with the demand. The question of whether it's possible is now answered as the milk is already on the shelf at supermarkets. Products used to make the milk are plant products rice, almonds, macadamia, and coconuts. Non-dairy milk not only has amazing properties like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and calories, but it's also healthy. Here are examples of non-dairy milk products and tips to consider before opting to quit animal milk.

1. Rice milk

This is milk made from milled brown or white rice and water thickeners are added to the milk to improve its texture and taste.rice milk is the best as compared to any other non dairy milk products it does not cause allergic reactions .you can take rice milk alone as its sweet or add it to your smoothies.

2. Oat milk

It is made from a mixture of oats and water .to add taste and produce a significant texture, most manufacturers add gums, oils, and salt. Oat milk is naturally sweet and little flavor. You can use oat milk with your cereals or use it to make your smoothies. Oatbmilk is almost equal to cow milk in calories but has more carbohydrates and half proteins and fats.

3. Coconut milk

This is the most popular milk and has been in existence for a long, but people couldn't drink it. People mostly used it in preparing certain dishes .coconut milk is made from water and the white flesh of brown coconuts. The milk is sweet, creamy, and a subtle coconut flavor. Coconut milk has no proteins suitable for those avoiding proteins in their diet. and low in carbohydrates.

4. Almond milk

This is milk made with either whole almonds, almonds butter, and water. The milk is lighter than normal cow milk but it's very sweet and no flavor .its also low in calories carbohydrates and fats. 

What to consider before opting for non diary milk

Cost: Non dairy milk is very expensive as compared to normal cow milk

Dietary needs: Check the ingredients of the nondairy milk before purchase. Some contain ingredients like gluten, soy, and nuts which cause allergic reactions.

Added sugar: Sugar is added to the no dirty milk to add taste and flavor. Opt for the unsweetened milk varieties.

Calcium level: Cow's milk is rich in calcium which is good for healthy strong bones and teeth. Purchase non-dairy milk fortified with not so low or high calcium content not.

Fortified with vitamin B12: Most animal milk products contain vitamin B12, which is good for the immune system and brain development. Go for a non-dairy milk that is fortified with vitamin B12.

Additives: Most non-dairy milk contains additives that improve their texture and taste, and the additives are not healthy. Decide on the one which has fewer additives or no additives at all.

Non-diary milk is healthy milk with good taste and all the goodness of animal milk, from vitamins, calcium, proteins, and fats. You can opt for it if you have issues with animal milk or if you want to go vegan.

Aurelia Muhanji

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