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Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

If you’re serious about outdoor cooking or taking your pizza making to the next level, the Gozney Dome is a trendy but professional-grade oven that lives up to the hype.

My initial impression of the Gozney Dome was positive. With the promise of a professional-grade cooking experience wrapped neatly in a modern and gorgeous oven, the Dome’s slick marketing and clean presentation provide it with plenty of cool features. The Dome also looks stunning with the Gozney name stamped into the metal inside and the logo visible from the front.


Apart from moving it into its new home, whether it’s a table, an existing cart, or the Gozney cart, the oven takes no setup. Because this oven is so large and unwieldy, lifting it securely will need at least two persons.

After the oven is fitted, the digital display will require its own battery. A little burn-in period is necessary prior to the first use. Then it’s only a question of picking whether to use gas or wood, as well as preheating and cooking.


The digital display will require its own battery when the oven is fitted. Prior to the initial usage, a short burn-in period is necessary. Then it’s only a matter of choosing between gas and wood, as well as preheating and cooking.

The optional stand, which includes two side tables and two shelves for extra storage, complements the beautiful dome form. When not in use, a recess constructed into the dome beneath the cooking area may be used to store wood, small tools, and the chimney cover.

When utilizing wood, a grate is put on the right and the hole on the left is sealed with the puck. To heat the stone, the wood is placed in the center of the oven, then moved to the left, then to the right over the grate. The ash collected from the grate goes into the ash collector, which maintains the oven clean.

While cooking with gas was easier, cooking with wood was more enjoyable and gave the pizza a smoky flavor. Both strategies yielded fantastic outcomes.

While this oven isn’t tall enough to roast a turkey, it is more than capable of handling pizza. It features two ports for the accompanying probe thermometers, which may be used for roasting meals, in addition to the inbuilt thermometer that measures interior temperature. It will grow even more flexible with the addition of future accessories. The oven’s accessory port may be used to plug in any cold smoker or pellet burner accessories that are still on their way.


The capacity to heat-blast a pizza and cook it in 30 seconds or less is incredible when it comes to making pizzas. It’s also fun to see the crust transform from raw to golden to charred as it cooks. This is perfect for thin-crust pizzas with little toppings. This oven is very good at this type of cooking.

For thicker pizzas or those with a lot of toppings, slower cooking is essential so that the inside may be completely cooked without turning to charcoal. Thanks to the built-in thermometer and simple gas adjustment with a dial, this oven can handle it as well. Even better, when cooking with gas, maintaining a steady temperature is simple.


The Dome is almost ready to use right out of the box. It’s not a portable oven like Gozney’s smaller Roccbox, which weighs half as much at 64 pounds and weighs 128 pounds. However, if you use the alternative stand mentioned, you can roll the Dome around.

It’s not a built-in lift like a brick oven, but it is a two-person lift.


When utilizing gas, there is very little stuff to clean inside the oven aside from a few crumbs or cheese drips that will likely burn off. Some unburned wood and ash are likely to remain in the oven while cooking with wood. Sweep the interior clean and dump the ash catcher when everything has cooled off. The volume of ash produced throughout the experiment was incredible. The exterior is simple to clean.

This is more likely to be used outside, similar to a BBQ. While rain or snow will not affect the outside of the grill, it is a good idea to cover it to keep rain, snow, and debris out of the cooking chamber.


In addition to the pizza oven I tested, Gozney provided a large number of accessories, some of which may be required. The stand is at the top of the list. It not only keeps the oven-safe, but it also features wheels that allow it to be moved by one person. On my uneven grass, I was able to accomplish it on my own, but with difficulty. It would be a breeze on a smooth deck or patio. Because it fits the oven well and will most likely be used outside, the cover is a wise purchase.

A pizza peel, pizza turning peel, pizza serving tray, wood, wood handler, pizza cutter, dough scraper, and dough cutter are all available nowadays. Even if experienced pizza makers already have the necessary tools, knowing where to get them is always helpful.

A Neapolitan archway to hold even more heat, a rope-sealed door for bread baking, a steam injector, a front-of-the-oven mantle to offer more room for moving pizzas, a wood rack, a cold smoker, and a pellet burner are among the most accessories coming shortly.


This is the most costly outdoor pizza oven available, costing two or three times as much as other, more portable outdoor ovens. It may be a worthwhile purchase for pizza fans, and while it is hefty, it is surely more portable than a built-in brick oven.


Ooni Karu 12-multi fuel pizza oven: I previously reviewed the Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven, which can be used with wood or gas, but the wood is put in the back and the flames come forward within the grill instead of being burnt inside the oven. That setup works great, but it’s not as much fun as Gozney’s method of igniting a fire within the oven. Although the Gozney is more robust, the Ooni is less costly and simpler to transport due to its lighter weight. Both are excellent for cooking pizzas, so the decision may come down to cost.

Breville The smart oven pizzaiolo: Breville’s appliance The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, which I just reviewed, is an excellent alternative for individuals who want to cook inside. While it isn’t as large or versatile as the Gozney, it is easy to operate and requires no weather protection. It’s also a bit costly for a home appliance, but Breville is recognized for making high-quality, long-lasting products. It’s a matter of preference whether you want to cook indoors or outside.

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