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Organifi Green Juice Review: Is it Wort it?

Organifi green juice is a popular superfood that has been popular for a long time due to its benefits. This product is specifically formulated with a combination of the world’s superfoods to give you the superpower. The green powders from Organifi guarantee healthy and safe with their nutrient-dense ingredients with no added artificial sweeteners or additives.

Organific is covered if you need a healthy body with a manageable weight. It is packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, iron, etc. With the super green powder, you don’t have to spend lots of time in the kitchen preparing your favorite drink.

Organifi was created by Drew Canole, a popular and successful entrepreneur in health and fitness, to make a drink packed with essential superfoods required by the body in one gulp. The product has many success stories and is among the top-rated green powder. For demand, this highly-priced product is a recommendation of many, more so, in a time when COVID 19 Pandemic is at large.

What is Organifi green juice?

Organifi green juice is a dried natural powder from 11 superfoods packed with antioxidants, minerals, probiotics, and vitamins to provide its users with additional nutrients. These ingredients are believed to boost immune health, burn fat, increase your body’s mechanism, and more.

This green powder comes in various types. They include Organifi gold, Organifi Pure, Organifi green juice, Organifi Complete protein, among other glow green supplements and probiotics.

What Ingredients makeup Organifi Green Juice powder?

This power-packed product is fully packed with nutrients essential for the body. It contains a perfect and ideal blend of ingredients that surpasses the usual benefits you receive from fruits and vegetables. And why is that? This green powder contains more natural and nutrient-filled ingredients that are not readily available in your grocery or health store.

The Organifi Alkaline Green blends and Organifi Superfoods Blend are the significant components in your favorite Organifi powder.

Here are the unique ingredients present in this green powder:

Red Beets

Beets are common root vegetables for their benefits. They are packed with minerals, vitamins, folate, manganese, pigments, inorganic nutrients _and are low in calories with little to no fat.

They are ideal in reducing the chances of heart attack, stroke, and cardiac arrest. The high concentration of nitrates has a blood pressure-lowering characteristic that increases the effectiveness of mitochondria by boosting energy for your cells.

Beets are rich in fibers which ensure you have smooth digestion. Incorporating it into your diets will help with constipation while gentle on your digesting system. The Belatains pigment in beets has anti-inflammatory properties that help stop chronic inflammation.

Research has proven a diet that has beets is effective in clinical outcomes for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dementia, and atherosclerosis.

The presence of water content with a low-calorie fat makes this powder ideal for weight loss. It has anti-cancer properties as well as fibers, Vitamin C, and folate.


This miraculous herb is the ideal meaning of excellent health, good sleep, youthful-looking skin, and boosted immune system. It is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that has been used since time memorial for the treatment of different ailments.

Ashwagandha is packed with nutrients that can supercharge your body with horse-like power while relieving you from stress-related issues like kidney stones, diabetes, and early aging.

This ingredient, also known as Indian Ginseng or winter cherry,  is a native superfood from North Africa, India, and the Middle East. It is extracted from the plant’s roots or berries. Its significant benefits make it a key component of your favorite Organifi green powder.

With Ashwagandha, you get lots of health benefits from the iron, antioxidants, and essential amino acids that ensure you have improved memory, brain vitality, rejuvenated and energized body, minimized stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol, and improved sleep. It also contains cancer-curing components.

That’s not all, as the manufacturer claims that the power ingredient is effective in easing the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Moring is a perfect source of Vitamins and Minerals such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, proteins, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Ascorbic acid, Potassium, and Riboflavin. It is a powerful ingredient, also referred to as ben oil tree, drumstick tree, Moringa oleifera, and horseradish tree, a native plant to India and Southeast Asia.

The benefits of Moringa have been felt for centuries as it has been incorporated into food and juices for medicinal purposes for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antidepressant properties. The essential amino acids help grow, repair, and maintain your body’s healthy cells. Its miracle detoxifying properties are ideal in removing toxins from your cells. The proteins are effective for skin cell nourishment leaving you with glowing skin, a hydrated scalp, and a clearer mind.

Moringa is fully-packed with nutrients that help treat Edema, repair the liver and suppress the growth of cancer cells, thanks to the niamicin compound. It also takes care of constipation issues, cardiovascular diseases, stomach disorders, arthritis, diabetes, depression, and bacterial infections.


This single-celled microbe green freshwater algae superfood is among the top 10 nutrient-dense foods in the world. It is packed with nutrients and healthy polyunsaturated fats that ensure a healthy body. It is used in Chinese Medicine for providing yin energy which is refreshing and calming.

Chlorella is filled with essential amino acids, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, omega fatty acids, folic acid, antioxidants, magnesium, Calcium, Proteins, Zinc, and dietary fibers. The manufacturers believe it’s the ultimate multivitamin choice.

This ingredient effectively removes impurities, toxins, and heavy metals from your body. It is essential in boosting immunity and keeping your body from infections while lowering cholesterol levels and optimizing blood lipid levels.

The antioxidants, including vitamins, lycopene, lutein, and chlorophyll, ensure diseases such as diabetes are kept at bay while suppressing its complications.

Coconut water

Coconut water is an ideal superfood that ensures glowing and younger skin. It is packed with antioxidants and electrolytes that keep your stamina in check, making it practical for athletes who need to be supercharged.

Vitamin C ensures you have a boosted immune system while fighting off infections and other foreign particles in your body.

It also has fibers and minerals that ensure healthy glowing skin. Coconut water is an ideal ingredient for optimizing blood sugar levels. It is a perfect choice for people with diabetes as it maintains an optimum cholesterol level if used regularly.


Turmeric is a perfect ingredient with healing and beauty benefits. It consists of a bioactive compound known as curcumin which is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help cure tissue damage. The antioxidants present makes it an ideal remedy for Psoriasis and other skin ailments.

When it comes to severe ailments such as heart diseases, turmeric is believed to restore your healthy heart functions by preventing endothelial dysfunction, the leading cause of heart complications. It can also effectively cure joint inflammation and conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, some studies have proven it ideal in blocking the growth of cancerous cells.

This superfood is also convenient as a spice. It adds taste, flavor, and color and ensures you have acne-free skin with boosted brain vitality. In most dermatological products, turmeric is the key ingredient due to its great benefits.


This single-celled microorganism freshwater blue-green alga is a critical element of the Organifi green powder for its nutrients and benefits. It is filled with copper, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Copper, Potassium, Zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Spirulina has an anti-oxidative component known as phycocyanin, which ensures you have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and benefits.

Most studies have backed up the significant role spirulina plays in dealing with bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) for healthy heart health. It can also reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.


This ingredient comes from the Triticum aestivum plant. It is packed with nutrients that nourish the body and remove toxins.

Wheatgrass is packed with Phytonutrients, calcium, magnesium, essential amino acids, iron, proteins, Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, and chlorophyll. It boosts your energy levels, increases your metabolisms, builds your immune, improves digestion, and improves weight loss. It’s also responsible for the grassy taste in the green juice.

Matcha Green

Matcha green comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant leaves. It has more nutrients you could get in any tea. It is a refreshing and rejuvenating drink that protects you from heart ailments and complications, protects the liver, aids in weight loss, and boosts the immune system.

Matcha ingredients are fully packed with antioxidants that protect your cells from any damage while protecting the liver by removing toxins from the body. The L-theanine and caffeine content present boosts the brain activity increasing your memory and improving sleep. It also contains the Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate, an oxidant known for its cancer cells fighting.

Sweetened monk fruits

For better taste, this great additive does its best. Only 1 gram of sugar is included in the organific powder, which is ideal. As it is, the sweeter the green juice, the foul the taste.


Mint is a popular superfood that has been used for centuries for its excellent benefits. It is among the best herbs with medicinal properties. It is effective in handling digestion issues and curing breathing disorders and ailments.

It consists of Phytonutrients and oxidants that relieve you from indigestion and nourish the skin, leaving it smooth, young, and healthy. This Organifi green superfood is at its best when relaxing the stomach muscles due to the enzymes.

For any oral issues, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in mint ensure all the bacteria in the mouth are killed for a fresh breath. Its vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and antioxidants boost your immune system and remove oxidative stress. Some research supports its photochemical properties in curing cancer. It’s also a perfect remedy for eye ailments due to vitamin A.


Citrus fruits such as lemon are rich in Vitamins C essential for a healthy body. The enzymes, minerals, and vitamins in lemon ensure you have a hydrated body for healthy-looking skin and hair.

Lemons contain antioxidants, and other nutrients that promote youthful-looking skin, prevent cell damage, and prevent cardiovascular disorders, stroke, and blood pressure. In Ayurvedic medicine, lemons are used to ease your constipation issues and improve bowel movements.

Why buy Organifi Green juice

Organifi, like most manufacturers of supplements, ensures their product is effective as their claims. However, you may need clarity on what you expect once you purchase this superfood. Here are a few facts about this great green juice:

  • Lots of benefits: Organifi green juice gives you more than the daily nutrients. It is packed with Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes. For the boosted immune system, decreased stress levels, improved sleep, healthy weight loss, improved mental health, increased energy levels, excellent heart health, healthy skin, reversed ageing, and improved digestion, to name a few.
  • Great taste:  Most green juices are not that tasty. So does Organifi, but the monk fruit makes it sweet. The company incorporated this ingredient instead of the regular sugar calories. If it’s not tolerable to drink it in water, consider adding it to your smoothie or food, the taste should not influence you missing the benefits.
  • Easy to make: Getting your healthy drink takes a short time, and you swing right into the benefits. The company claims your drink will be ready in only 7 seconds, but it can take less than that. It is simple as scooping the powder, adding it to water or juice, stirring and drinking. You do not have to wait for a whole hour when you can get all the nutrients in less than 10 seconds!
  • Healthy and safe: All the ingredients used in the green powder are purely organic. They are GMO-free, soy-free, have no artificial flavors, no additives and no preservatives. You are sure of a safe and nutrient-filled drink with no severe side effects.
  • Lots of positive reviews from users: On trusted stores like Amazon, organic shop and Walmart, you are sure to find lots of global ratings from users across the word. More of the feel-good drink from Organific and the benefits they are experiencing.

Cons of Organifi Green Powder

Not only does this superfood come with great benefits, but it also has a few drawbacks that should not make you think otherwise;

  • Expensive: Compared to other brands, products from Organifi are at a higher price range. You can agree that the benefits and unique ingredients make it worth trying.
  • Presence of carcinogenic agents: It has a warning on carcinogenic properties on the product label. Most carcinogenic components such as fertilizers and smoke have made their way into most products, a concern always to be careful.
  • Only available online: You can only purchase this miracle powder from the Organifi official store or popular online stores such as Amazon or Walmart. It is due to the duplicity concerns in some products.

Any side effects with Organifi green juice?

Yes and no. In most cases, this superfood does not have any severe issues. Rather than the standard adjustments to your body system, which leaves you feeling nauseous, have some stomach disturbances, diarrhea, and gassiness_ a common problem that comes with drinking fresh juices.

How to take Organifi green juice

You can take 1-2 servings in water, smoothie, shakes, milk, or food for adults. For children, pregnant and nursing women, ensure you seek professional advice from your doctor before including any supplement in your diet. After opening, ensure you refrigerate the rest and use it within 90 days.

How to buy organific green powder

You can easily purchase this superfood from the company’s official website or popular stores like Amazon and Walmart.

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