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May 5


Top 7 Hand blenders of 2021

By aseyo nadiah

May 5, 2021

Top 7 Hand blenders of 2021

Are you looking for a gadget to lessen your cooking tasks in the kitchen? Hand blenders, also known as immersion blenders, are what you need. These units are specially designed to make your life easier. You can make soups, sauces, smoothies, cakes, and pancakes batter, whisk eggs, cut vegetables, froth milk, and so much more without strain.

Hand blenders are convenient for all-year-round use and require low maintenance. They feature motors, blades, shafts, and other attachments to make your blending and pureeing needs outstanding and straightforward. You can quickly assemble and disassemble their parts for easier cleaning and storage. You can easily use and store them due to their compact size.

With the increased brands on the market, getting the best for your needs may e tricky. However, depending on your needs, budget, and convenience, you are sure to get what fits.

Our list is made up of the best hand blenders on the market. They are on the top 100 list on and garnered many positive reviews from the most enthusiastic reviewers with a 4.5 star and above.

How do hand blenders work

Hand blenders are simple to use and understand. Unlike the basic blender, these units function more like electric whisk or mixers. They are designed to be placed inside the ingredients to blend, mix or puree. These wand-shaped machines have a motor at one end and a blade at the other. The sharp edges spin inside a bit of metal dome opening to allow food to enter and be cut. The blade inside the food or ingredients cuts, chops, mixes, blends, and purees; after that, you push the start button on the handle to start the motor.

Why you need a hand blender

Immersion blenders are a vital part of any kitchen. Here is why:

  • Convenience

These compact machines are not only practical but also convenient. You can store them in any part of your kitchen drawer. Its attachments improve the performance as you can blend right into the pot or measuring cup. They are fast and can serve you for the longest time. Long ago is when you had to use a spoon to mash, mix and prepare the batter.

  • Effectiveness

Hand blenders are very effective at what they do. They ensure you have the best results for soup, sauces, whipped cream, beaten eggs, smoothies, baby food, and much more. Their motor power allows you to chop, puree and blend ingredients depending on the texture you want. They make your work easier.

  • Affordability

Most stick blenders are affordable. They range between $10-$200. Depending on your budget and needs, there is something for you. These gadgets are robust, durable, and perform better at what they do. That means you get value for your money.

  • Time-saving

These powerful gadgets are so easy to use and save lots of time. They are generally fast and can prepare almost anything from blending, chopping, and making hot soups in minutes. You no longer have time to waste in your kitchen as all you need is a minute for a finely done smoothie or soup.

What to consider before buying a Hand blender

Hand blenders are generally simple to use and maintain, but there are various aspects you need to know before buying them

  • Materials

Most hand blenders come with steel blades; the costlier ones have stainless steel shafts. On the other hand, the less expensive ones have plastic shafts that tend to break and crack or even stain when you frequently use colored ingredients.

  • Speed

Most average hand blenders have two rates, while some have five or more. If you will be using your blender to chop and mix frequently, it is ideal you get one with more speed. You will get the best service when chopping nuts or herbs or mixing thick soups.

  • Motor power

For your immersion blender to give you the best results, it has to be 200 watts of power and more. While it will not provide you what a countertop blender will offer, there is a need for motor power; the more, the better. However, that does not mean the less wattage, the lesser the performance or quality.

  • Budget

It is always ideal to find a product that does not strain your budget. Most hand blenders range between $10 -$200. Ensure you get a unit that is pocket-friendly and high-performing. We advise anything in the mid-ranges and comes with extra attachments.

  • Design

An excellent immersion blender should be compact enough to fit your kitchen drawer. These blenders are usually small but getting easy to clean, and a safe dishwasher tops it all.

1. Mueller Austria Ultra stick

The Mueller Ultra-stick is a perfect gadget for any kitchen. It is powerful and versatile to create your delicious meals and treats, including smoothies, whipped cream, salsa, homemade tomato sauce, soup, pancake and cakes batter, cheese sauce, apple butter, baby food, cocktails, and various Indian dishes.

Mueller Austria model guarantees you exceptional quality, as illustrated in the kitchen appliances ranking. Its heavy-duty copper motor is built to withstand continuous use and will last three times more high performance than some hand blenders on the market.

The ergonomic grip offers you a non-slip and free grip even when you are blending the most complex ingredients. Your hands are safe with this comfortable, uniquely designed grip.

It has a removable blending arm with fixed blade locks into the motor body for simplified operation. The S-shaped stainless blade swiftly blends and cuts ingredients for milkshakes and baby food with ease.

The 500-watt motor blender comes with a whisk, milk frother attachments, and a manual for perfect blending performance.

This uniquely crafted and powerful gadget is currently Amazon's best-selling hand blender, with thousands of reviews supporting its high performance, durability, and effectiveness.You are sure of performance and confidence with their 1-year warranty.

What we like

  • Ease of use
  • Durable materials
  • High blending power
  • Affordable
  • What we don't like

  • Small motor
  • 2. Braun MQ9037X Electric hand blender

    The MQ9037 model from Braun is the ultimate gadget with the highest creativity for a simple blender. Theworld'ss first ActiveBlade technology incorporates a flexible shaft that moves the blade in all directions to turn even the toughest ingredients into special delicacies in seconds.

    The Advanced Splash Control Technology ensures there is no splashing of food or ingredients. You are sure of the best performance while leaving your kitchen clean.

    With the EasyClick Plus System, you can easily change attachments as you blend your ingredients. You got the versatility to chop, mix, blend, mash, puree, and whisk without effort. Braun's SmartSpeed Technology allows you to adjust the blending power without stopping the processor using two hands by a simple touch on the button. 

    By pushing gently, the results will be coarse, and the more power gives extra, more refined ingredients.

    Getting this power gadget to work on all your ingredients is fast and effective. They feature an extra milling blade that provides more slices per rotation, chopping and blending more ingredients, hard or soft, effortlessly.

    This power unit comes with other attachments such as a beaker, 2-cup chopper, stainless steel whisk, and masher for convenienceA 2-year warranty is what this gadget comes with. You can have free confidence purchasing a unit as they provide you two years of extra parts and free labor on your blender since the day of the purchase.

    This model is an ideal package for your kitchen needs. It is not only fast but convenient. On Amazon, this gadget has garnered over 4.5 stars making it a must-have item.

    What we like

  • High-quality material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to use
  • What we don't like

  • Quite costly
  • 3. Hamilton Beach 59765 Immersion Hand Blender

    The 59765-immersion hand blender from Hamilton Beach is a powerful yet portable tool effective for your blending needs. It conveniently blends, whips, chops, purees, and mixes perfectly done ingredients with its one 2-speed kitchen multi-toolChopping, blending, mixing, and chopping needs are simplified with the 225-watt motor powerful gadget.

    Chopping, blending, mixing, and chopping needs are simplified with the 225-watt motor powerful gadget.

    This multipurpose kitchen gadget features three attachments: a stainless-steel whisk attachment, stainless steel blending wand, and 3-cup chopping bowl attachment with stainless steel blends that give you the best soups, cake batters, salsas, and meringues.

    You can conveniently chop your ingredients in the 3-cup chopping bowl. It saves you time and effort getting another bowlClean up of this great blender is conveniently fast and straightforward. The blending wand, chopping, and whisk bowl attachments are easy to assemble and dissemble. The best part is that these parts are dishwasher safe for fast cleaning.

    With a user review of 4.5 stars on Amazon, you are sure of the best service and best results.

    What we like

  • Ease of use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 4. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

    Breville is a big brand with effectiveness and functionality. With their great BSB510XL model, you are sure of excellent performance. The 280 watts of power allows it to mix, chop, puree, or blend anything you need at high energy in the shortest time at a desired. If you need to chop ice cubes, make velvety soups, thick mayonnaise, chunky pesto, smoothies, salsa, and baby food, this incredible gadget is all you need.

    The Breville immersion blender has a unique redesigned blade system to take care of the suction. The blades" internal ribs create turbulence that ensures food falls onto the edges reducing the suction to the bottom of the pot. It also lets you control the variable speed with the 15 possible settings to give you evenly done finishes and desired textures.

    The ergonomically designed handle is practical for easy handling even when working on complex food for an extended time.

    Breville BSB510XL is a great way to start your kitchen routine. All the features make it a superb gadget to have. It is highly built with quality materials for the best performance. 

    The blending shaft and the ice-crushing blades are made of stainless steel for durability and effectiveness.

    Its 6-foot extra-long power cord gives the hand blender easy portability and prepares it for movement as it does not need charging.The 8-inch base quickly reaches the immersion depth of essential qualities of ingredients or taller soup pots with ease.

    For efficient blending, the bell-shaped base design and revolutionary shape plus internal ribbing reduce the suction for more accessibility and complete control for the designed tasks. The non-scratch base ensures you don't scratch your pot finishes.

    You can easily clean this gadget as most parts are dishwasher safe and can be dissembled easily. They also come with several handy accessories such as the 42-ounce blending jar, chopper and whisk for beating egg whites and salad dressing ingredients.

    If you want an excellent hand blender that is a multitasking giant of convenience, this is what you need. It is a great model that has found recognition from a leading consumer magazine as an ideal immersion blender of all time.Moreover, it has been rated 4.6 stars on Amazon.

    What we like

  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Additional accessories
  • 5. Vitamix Immersion Blender

    Vitamix blender is the way to go for a hand blender as their brand has been on the blender market for decades. It features a 625-watt motor, which makes every blending, mixing, or chopping task easier. You can easily make sauces, soups, or blend pesto with ease.

    It features the bell guard, which reduces suction and helps increase ingredient flow. The scratch resistance blade Guard prevents scratching and marring your pots and pans while you work.

    The Vitamix blender features four blades, unlike the standard two blades in most hand blenders. You are sure of blending, mixing, and pureeing the most challenging ingredients in the shortest time possible. You are sure of evenly done sauces, smoothies, pancake batter, baby food, and soups.

    It is decently crafted to handle hot ingredients. The long removable shaft helps you lend ingredients in deep Dutch ovens or pots. However, it may be hard to process fibrous ingredients, including kale which results in a grainy texture.

    What we like

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • What we don't like

  • Struggles with fibrous ingredients
  • Quite costly
  • It can overheat when processing ingredients such as almond.
  • 6. Cuisinart Smart stick variable speed hand blender.

    Cuisinart products are the best for any kitchen. Their hand blender model is adequate for making puree and soups. With a 300-watt motor speed, you are sure of evenly done ingredients fast. It is incredible how you can control your blending speed for desired performance.

    It is a unique and high-quality hand blender with a safety feature, which lacks in most units. You have to press the unlock button to activate any process. It is easy to squeeze and grip the narrow grip for faster processing.

    This unit also comes with a food processor for prepping vegetables, a mixing jar, and a whisk attachment for whipped cream, all dishwasher safe.

    Cuisinart hand blender received five stars on Amazon.

    What we like

  • Built-in safety feature
  • What we don't like

  • It would be best if you operated with both hands
  • 7. KitchenAid KHBV53AQ Variable Speed Corded Hand blender

    This compact hand blender is designed to meet your every blending need. It is easy to use with the 4-point stainless steel blades that efficiently blend ingredients suitable for soups, hummus, smoothies, milkshakes, and much more. KHBV53AQ'ss removable "' Blending Arm is easy and comfortable to grip for a more straightforward blending process. You can easily remove it for cleaning in the dishwasher with ease.

    You can control your recipes and texture with the variable speed trigger switch, which is versatile and flexible for better blending tasks. With the 180 watts, you are sure of evenly done ingredients.

    Its US patent -pending Removable pan guard helps protect your cookware.

    The 3-cup BPA- the free blending jar with its lid is adequate for personal blending tasks as well as serve from your kitchen, office, or store for later use. Kitchen Aid's great product comes with a blending jar with a lid, pan guard, and a dishwasher-safe blender arm.

    What we like

  • Easy to use
  • High performance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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