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Top 7 Rice cookers for everyday use

By aseyo nadiah

October 1, 2021

Rice cooking is more than the usual grain boiling. You can quickly cook it on your stovetop, but you have no guarantee of a great meal. To achieve the best results, you need to invest in a good rice cooker that will ensure you have evenly cooked rice with the right texture without compromising taste.

Rice is a popular meal in most parts of the world. It comes in different varieties and is a must-have in many cuisines for its affordability and versatile nature. Getting the perfect cooked rice may be strenuous with the constant watching on a regular cooktop. That’s where these practical and convenient gadgets come in.

Rice cookers are for convenience. They allow you to cook your rice in minutes without any monitoring or hassle.  You are assured of excellent rice outcomes, no matter the type of rice you have. Most brands advanced their models to cook more than rice and oat grains. Some come with steaming inserts for steaming vegetables, fish, and meat, while others meet the needs of cakes and egg recipes. These versatile gadgets are here to make your cooking and cooking tasks hassle-free.

What to consider when selecting the best Rice cooker

Buying a rice cooker is not an easy task with the several brands to choose from. Knowing what you want, your needs, effectiveness, and convenience from the unit can be your short and precise shopping list guide.

They come in different designs, capacities, capabilities, price range, cooking functions, and sizes. Ensure you get one that meets your needs, depending on the type of rice you cook frequently and how much rice you need.

Top 7 Rice cookers on Amazon

There are lots of rice cookers on the market to meet your rice cooking needs. However, not all are up to the task. Different manufacturers have incorporated technological advancements in their appliances to serve your needs separately. Here are a few of the best units on amazon, not in any particular order. Be free to try them.

  1. BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker

Black+Decker appliances are typical for their quality and functional units. Their 6-cup capacity rice cooker is nothing short of outstanding performance and effectiveness. It is ideal for rice cooking for larger or smaller meals. You get even more as you can prepare stews, soups, oatmeal, and other delicacies in this cooker.

Cooking your rice is easy with this nonstick pot. It features an automatic keep-warm function that switches to the ‘keep warm’ tool that allows your rice to stay warm for some time for serving.

Convenience is at its best with the Black+decker rice cooker. It comes with a steaming basket to help make healthy meals with vegetables, meat, fish, etc. The measuring cup gives you the correct quantity of rice for excellent cooking results. To protect our pot from scratches, the brand provides a plastic spoon for smooth serving.

The different colored indicator lights give you a glimpse of the rice cooking, keeping warm, or cooking rice.

Cleaning this small appliance is easy with its removable nonstick bowl and tempered glass lid that are dishwasher safe.

What we like

  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free cleaning

2. COMFEE Rice Cooker

COMFEE rice cooker is a perfect choice for all your rice cooking needs. This multifunctional unit has six digital cooking programs for brown rice, white rice, slow cook, steaming, oatmeal and quinoa functions. It is long-lasting, and the quality of rice cooked is on another level.

This 8-cup capacity appliance gives you up to 8 cups of cooked rice at a go—an excellent choice for preparing smaller yet delicious meals. The compact design makes storage even simple.

COMFEE Rice cooker comes with a durable stainless-steel exterior that is easy to wipe clean. The nonstick coating on the inner pot is of high quality and ensures your rice cooks, thanks to the 1.2mm thickness with higher thermal conductivity and heating evenly.

Using this unit is simple with the multi-use programmable Rice Cooker. It contains an LED display with a clear digital panel to ensure you monitor what you are cooking.

This unit features six one-touch programs that automatically switch to keep warm the rice warm for 12 hours. The 1-hour delay function ensures you have flexible meal planning.

This programmable electric rice cooker is of the highest quality. It contains BPA-free food-grade material that is safe for use.

If that’s not all, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

With this rice cooker, you are sure of a safe cooking experience. It comes with built-in overheating protection and cools on the touch handles when opening the oven.

What we like

  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe parts

3. Aroma Housewares ARC-954SBD Rice Cooker

If a multifunctional and quality rice cooker is all you need, this model from Aroma Housewares is what you need. It makes delicious slow-cooked stews, steamed vegetables, delectable cakes, oatmeal, and fluffy rice. It’s flexible to accommodate all your creative cooking ideas.

Using the Aroma rice cooker is easy. You get to know when your rice or stew is cooking and when it is ready or serving. Thanks to the 8-preset digital functions and automatic Keep warm program that gives you a smooth cooking experience.

The 8-cup capacity allows you to make 2-8 cups of cooked rice for a smaller meal. Its compact ability does not compromise the quality of rice or stews made.

The patented sauté-then-simmer function enables you to sauté and brown foods at a higher heat. Once you add liquids to what’s cooking, the cooker automatically adjusts to the simmer mode.  This feature makes it a perfect choice for Spanish rice, risotto, chili rice, and stews.

Steaming is significant with the included steam tray that allows you to burn other foods above while the rice, stew, or other meals cook at the bottom. With the Aroma appliance, you save lots of cooking time.

With the programmable 15-delay timer, you can create your delicious meals 15 hours before the required time.

This quality appliance comes with a rice measuring cup for precise cooking and a serving spatula to protect your pot when serving.

With 4.5 out of 5 stars with a global rating of over 44,000 customers, it is among the most loved and selected rice cookers from Amazon.

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Programmable functions
  • Perfect for various dishes
  • Easy to clean

4. Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

Any product from Zojirushi is a symbol of quality, performance, and effectiveness. The Neuro-fuzzy model is just that. It is designed to boil, warm, and steam different kinds of foods hassle-free. This appliance can conveniently cook different types of rice, including sushi rice, regular white rice, brown rice, and even porridge in just one dish, with consistent results.

This 5-1/2 computerized rice cooker and warmer features an advanced neuro-fuzzy logic technology, making the appliance make its own decisions, such as adjustments to heating time and temperature for perfectly cooked rice.

You can make up to 10 cups of cooked rice with this small gadget. It features several cooking functions: mixed rice, semi-brown, white (sushi, regular, more complex, or softer), porridge, brown rice, quick-cooking, or rinse-free rise. You get lots of options to choose from for a great cooking experience.  

This quality appliance uses a thick black spherical pan that has cool side handles. It ensures you have a safe cooking experience with even heating for the best results.  You can always know your meal is ready with the programmable melody or beep audio indicator.

Zojirushi has multi-menu selections, including the automatic keep-warm, extended keep-warm, and reheat cycles to ensure your rise stays warm for the longest time, without compromising in its quality.

The 680-watt rice cooker is easy to clean with a detachable and washable inner lid. It comes with two rice measuring cups for regular and rise-free rice, a spatula, and a spatula holder for perfect measurement for rice.  

From a unit with over 6,000 global reviews on amazon; you are sure of its performance and quality.

What we like

  • Lots of functions
  • Perfect for most rice dishes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 1-year warranty

What we don’t like

  • Costly
  • Not so fast cooking

5. Aroma Housewares Digital Rice cooker

This digital rice cooker from Aroma is the ideal rice cooking appliance you need not miss in your kitchen. It is versatile and built to accommodate a variety of dishes, including quinoa, brown rice, flash rice, white rice, cake, steamed vegetables, and jambalaya.

With the aroma unit, you can cook up to 10 cups of rice, an equivalent to 20 cooked rice cups, a perfect choice for larger meals, individual dishes, or sizeable family meals. It’s multifunctional as you can steam your side dishes above the pot due to the built-in steam function while the main dinner, such as rice, stew, or soup, is cooking below.

If rice cooking is not all, this fantastic appliance lets you cook grains and simmer low and slow with its slow cook function.

Using this quality unit is simple. It mainly works on the set it and forget it slogan, which allows you to cook your kind of rice with the touch of a button. Its digital panel automatically switches to the keep warm mode when your rice boils. It ensures your rise is warm up to 12 hours before serving.

This digital rice cooker is not only functional but also durable. It features an 8X Bonded Granite nonstick inner pot that is long-lasting, safe and a good conductor of heat. It gives you perfect meal results while easing the cleanup.

The Aroma unit has a rice measuring cup for perfect rice measurement and a serving spatula to protect your pan from damage.

You are sure of its quality and effectiveness from the global rating reviews from over 14,000 customers and 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Quality performance
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly

6. Zojirushi NP-HCC18XH Induction Heating System Rice cooker &Warmer

If you are looking for the best rice cooker for your regular white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, and porridge, the Zojirushi Induction Heating Rice cooker &Warmer is all you need. Having a rice party is an understatement with this unit built to last and ensure you have perfectly done meals and stews in one dish. This unit is perfect for cooking brown rice, sushi rice, regular white rice, and porridge.

The Zojirushi NP-HCC18XH model gives you total control of rice cooking. It features a superior induction Heating technology (IH) that ensures you have the right and flawless rice due to the controlled high heat. If need be, the unit can adjust the temperature needs for the best results.

You are sure of evenly cooked rice due to the multi-menu cooking functions of the triple heater at the bottom, side, and lid. This feature allows you to prepare jasmine rice, GABA brown rice, sushi rice, porridge, sweet rice, white rice (regular, more complex, or softer), mixed rice, and quick-cooking with even heat distribution.

If you are into décor, the clear-coated stainless-steel housing fits any kitchen requirement while easing up the cleaning process.

The automatic keep-warm keeps the rice warm after cooking at slow heat to ensure it does not yellow or gets cold. Its switches to the extended stay warm feature ensure you have your rice anytime at the right temperature for up to 8 hours.

You can easily monitor your cooking through the orange LCD control panel that is easy to use. It comes with a clock and timer that estimates the cooking time through the melody signal, which alerts you when cooking starts and when it cooks. If the melody sound is not likable, you can adjust it to beeps or silent mode.

This unit comes with a thick black spherical inner cooking pan that ensures your rice perfectly cooks with no burning. Cleaning is even easier with the detachable and washable stainless-steel inner lid.

For an excellent cooking experience, the 2-settings delay timer comes in handy. What’s more, the 1-year limited warranty on its parts and labor makes it worth a try.

This great unit is ideal for its performance, quality, and user-friendliness. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon with a global rating of over 1,000 customers.

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Simple cleaning
  • Quality performance
  • Variety of dishes

What we don’t like

  • Quite expensive

7. Hamilton Beach Mini Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

Making great rice is what Hamilton Beach rice cooker is all about. It lets you prepare your rice to perfection without any hassle. You do not have to adjust any temperature, boil water or monitor the cooking process.  It’s a versatile unit with a 2-in-1 rice rinser with a steam basket that gives you more than rinsing the rise and steaming other meal dishes.

With its compact and sleek design, this unit conveniently meets your small meal preparation needs at home and on the go, thanks to the easy and comfortable to hold handles.

This unit comfortably holds from 2-8 cooked rice. It’s easy to use with the one-touch operation, which automatically cooks the rice and switches the pot to the keep warm function that keeps the rise warmer after cooking for easy serving.

Its removable nonstick pan ensures there is an even distribution of heat. Furthermore, the cooking pot, steam basket and rice rinser, and lid liner are easily removable and dishwasher safe.

This model from Hamilton Beach comes with a measuring cup for precise rice measurement for perfect results and a rice paddle.

For its excellent results, this unit has over 1700 global reviews with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

What we like

  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Great cooking performance

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