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April 28


Top 7 Saucepan sets for any Kitchen

By Aurelia Muhanji

April 28, 2021

Top 7 Saucepan sets for any Kitchen

Owning a saucepan to handle all your cooking needs is a blessing for any kitchen. These units are meant to last and perform basic tasks such as frying, sautéing, boiling, and much more without strain. Several brands are promising the best services, but that does not mean excellent performance and durability.

What to look for in the best Saucepan set

Getting a saucepan set from the wide variety on the market can be tiring. All manufacturers claim to be the best and deliver fantastic performance utensils, but that does not necessarily mean they should be your first choice.

Fortunately, this review has everything you need to know before making the final decision. Here is what to look for;

1. Cost

Your budget is a vital part of your selection. Depending on the saucepan you need, there is a variety to choose from. If you are looking for a single pan, double, or a set of 5 or 6, you will notice a massive difference in the prices. In most cases, a set is more convenient and cheaper than you buying one at a time. Ensure you get a suitable saucepan to meet your needs while not straining your pocket.

2. Material

The material used in making and coating your saucepan will determine its durability. Most pans are made from aluminium and copper and clad in anodized or stainless-steel layers for more strength and performance. They are coated with nonstick and ceramic for more accessible food release and fast cleaning in most cases. On its own, a robust and heavy-duty material covered with porcelain for more accessible food release and minimum stickiness. Ensure the material used in creating your favorite saucepan is safe and health-friendly.

Additionally, consider materials that will ensure your pan has an even distribution of heat for perfectly cooked meals. Those that heat fast are ideal.

3. Type of hob

Saucepans are designed and made differently to meet different hob needs. Not all cookware is compatible with all cooktops.

For ceramic hobs, consider using any saucepan except made from copper and stainless steel or one with a copper base. Ensure you get pans with a flat bottom for better contact with the hob.

Induction hobs require saucepans with the manufacturer’s guide and instruction to use an induction cooktop. Most brands are not Induction compatible. For a pan to be consistent, it requires a magnetic material base. You can mostly find these in cast iron and stainless steel.

Moreover, most saucepans are compatible with  gas hobs. Ensure you get a better heat conductivity and distribution for evenly pan heating to adjust to temperature changes.

4. Size

Ensure you get the right size of your saucepan depending on your cooking needs. If you have a more prominent family, you may consider getting one that’s between a 4-5-quart set. Sets come with different sizes of pans to meet your every need. For an average pan, best for quick sauces or cheese should be somewhere at 2-3 quart. These convenient pans come in various sizes to choose from.


A great saucepan should have lids that are perfectly fitting to avoid the release of heat and moisture. 

This cookware comes with glass and stainless-steel lids. Ensure they have a safety knob on the cover that will guarantee you a comfortable and excellent grip when cooking.

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